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Multifunctional Production Unit

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An all encompassing solution for low pressure matured wells

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:43

The Multi Production Unit (MPU) is a low pressure production system with integral desanding and bulk dewatering capabilities. The MPU is designed to boost the pressure of production fluids from low pressure wells, while handling common challenges in mature fields such as high water cut and high sand production. The system is ideally suited for remote wellhead platforms where wells have insufficient pressure to deliver well fluids to production header in addition to flow assurance issues related to high sand and high water production.

MPU technology is the winner of "Spotlight Technology Award" for OTC Asia 2020.


Operates up to almost atmospheric pressure allowing declining low pressure wells to be produced.
Compact design and light weight
No pumps or power generation required
No manning requirement
Low system complexity
Sand handling
Water handling
Reduces hydrate inhibitor chemical injection by removing water before pipeline transport
Reduces asset depreciation by removing erosion-inducing particles
Requires Instrument air/gas
Requires external motive gas source


Footprint Flexible design based on capacity - Range from 8 tons to 20 tons
Certification Electronic parts are ATEX certified as explosion proof/Flame proof (Exd) or Intrinsically safe (Ex ia)
Hazardous Area Classification Zone 0 and above
Capacity Unlimited. Skid design can be adapted to any flowrate.
Validation U-stamped pressure vessels. DOSH registered equipment. API relief system.
Automation Standard design is fully automated via Allen Bradley unit control panel, yet it can be integrated with different systems.
Material of Construction Can be specified to suit existing facility metallurgy
Location Fit for Remote Wellhead Platform, and Central Processing Platforms.
Turndown High tolerance for production turndown to 0%
Specialty Equipment Optional acoustic sand detectors with an analyzer software, optional oil-in-water analyzers
Efficiency High sand removal efficiency targeting 20 microns and above. Dewatering spec Oil-In-Water < 30 ppm.
Pressure Rating Flexible. Fit for 150# up to 2500#.
Auxiliary Systems Optional sand washing package for dumping sand overboard.
CAPEX Bulk water separation at the wellhead side allows for debottlenecking of downstream facilities
OPEX Reduces chemical injection and asset depreciation due to erosion
Recognition 'Spotlight Technology Award' OTC Asia 2020

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