Sep-iSYS™ Crude Stabilization Unit

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Full Well Stream Processing Module with Slug Handling, 3-Phase Separation, and Produced Water Treatment.

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An evolution of conventional oil processing modules for full well streams; The Sep-iSYSTM Crude Stabilization Unit is an internationally recognized and patented system that has been successfully operated in various fields for major oil companies like Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Vestigo / MISC, PERTAMINA and ONGC. The novel design of the system provides a highly cost effective and compact solution that delivers high quality, stabilized and dewatered final crude product.

Pros & Limitations
Effective slug handling (with track record of up to 70 m3 of slugs) with 50% space saving compared to conventional systems.
Low CAPEX, effective coarse sand removal without cyclones/costly desanding equipment.
Low OPEX and maintenance requirement with the elimination of rotating equipment.
Optimized wax management solutions that requires significantly lower heating energy in comparison to conventional systems – Reduced OPEX.
Specialized modular design which is perfect for space allocation and savings for lifting arrangements – Compact and Light Weight.
Integrated gas, liquid and sand separation with high efficiency.
Capable of handling large slug volume and sand with minimal pressure drop.
Designed with minimal instrumentation, control and shutdowns.
Higher system reliability and availability with online sand flushing system.
Protects downstream system from liquid carry over and oil/water slip through.
Energy efficient system.
Suitable for motion sensitive facilities and for handling waxy and fouling fluid.
Low power consumption so it can utilize either an available source or its own solar panel with a battery pack.
Deployment opportunities are usually limited to green-fields and new vessels since space in brown-fields is limited.
Requires instrument air/gas supply.
Specification Title Specification Description
CAPEX reduction of up to 50%.
Size and Weight
50% weight and space optimization in comparison to conventional systems whilst achieving high quality final crude product.
Energy Optimized Stabilization and Wax Management
Flexibility of utilizing available energy sources (e.g. steam or power) for adding inlet heater for de-emulsification, crude stabilization, and wax mitigation.
Desanding of product
Built-in proprietary coarse desanding of crude without the use of high CAPEX desanding equipment (e.g sand cyclones etc)
System can be designed to be modularized and robust for small spaces and low lifting weight limits
Intellectual Property
Internationally Patented Technology (International Application No.: PCT/IB2012/000128) filed in Malaysia, Venezuela, Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, USA, India, Vietnam, China, Brazil and Singapore.
High Availability and Reliability with Minimal Rotating Equipment
Minimal operational cost and activities required due to minimal use of rotating equipment (no liquid transfer pumps required) in comparison to conventional systems
Produced Water Treatment
Optional auxiliary package. Hydrocyclone and degasser are added to achieve OIW spec of 30 ppm or less.
High Turndown Handling Capabilities
Minimal rotating equipment which allows high turndown operational flexibility in comparison to conventional systems
Efficient Slug Handling Capabilities
The system is designed to handle high slug flows without affecting separation efficiency and oversizing equipment - track record of handling slug volumes up to 70m3


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