How to build a Technology Plan?
How to build a Technology Plan? A practical guide for leaders and practitioners.

The current  business climate poses many threats, but also offer opportunities to do things differently. As a result, many people have been tasked with building a Technology Plan for their organisation. For those that have never built such a plan, it can be difficult to determine where to start. In this blog we give you some practical guidance.

technology health check
How effective is your company in getting technology deployed?

One of the books that I read years ago when I did my MBA was Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore. The book describes the challenges to get products accepted by the early majority; this requires a different approach compared to selling products to innovators and early adopters.

MISI strategy
Minimizing the inspection scope for Turnarounds by applying a Minimum Intervention Strategy

The Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection was launched at the API Inspection Summit in Galveston. The objective is reducing the scope for turn arounds by optimizing the use of Risk-Based Inspection analysis, applying Non-Intrusive Inspection where possible and replacing human entries for inspection with robot inspections.

portfolio analysis
Is your technology portfolio robust in the current environment?


CTO’s and other technology leaders in Oil & Gas companies may all recognize this… You have a portfolio of technology solutions to address business challenges, and you’re experiencing less pull for the technologies as a result of COVID-19 and the low oil price. Or even no pull at all!

Tech Positioning Programme
Attract the right customers for your technology with the Tech Positioning Programme!


Although today’s business environment is clearly very challenging, there are still many opportunities to make a difference with technology. How can you maximise the chances of success, and organise your activities such that the uptake of technology is accelerated, even in today’s environment?