3 tips for optimising your page to get more attention online

optimising your page


The internet is so crowded these days. We hear you, and we can relate. So, let us help each other out on getting more visibility in the busy internet space. Let’s do this by jazzing up your tech or tech expert page on our platform. 

Pages on TechnologyCatalogue.com are indexed by Google and other search engines, making them part of the search results whenever someone looks for something relevant to your technology or expertise on the internet. 

So, how do you then get noticed among hundreds, thousands or millions of search results they get? Here are three (3) simple tips:


Tell more with your title

For tech pages, use a title that clearly shows not just the actual name of your technology but what type of technology it is. Take for example Terra UT Drone - Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements with drone, one of the most popular tech pages on the platform in the last three years. For tech experts, it is best to banner your expertise right away. Look at Partner in Compliance by Versatec as an example. 

Using the right keywords is key



Make sure you are using the keywords your potential customers are using to find what they are looking for. It should be visible on almost every part of the page: tagline, description, pros and cons, specification and company text. Pro tip: Check the search console of your website’s Google Analytics to see which keywords your website is getting a lot of impressions and clicks on. Use these keywords on your page on TechnologyCatalogue.com for more SEO juices! 

Good meta description makes a difference


meta descriptions

A meta description is the short summary of a webpage that is visible when you show up on the search results on Google, Bing or other search engines. There is no limit to your meta description, but search engines only show a snippet so make sure that it is clear enough to fit but descriptive enough to invite a click. The ideal length of meta description is between 50 and 150 characters. 

Bonus tip: Share your tech page on social media for more reach. Also, tweets are indexed by Google so that means more SEO juices. LinkedIn is said to follow suit soon. And once your potential customers are on your tech or tech expert page, make sure to make them stay, browse longer and even reach out for more information. 

Here are the tips to achieve that:

  •  For tech pages, add the right visuals: photos and videos clearly showcasing your technology and how it works. Also, fill in all the information asked, especially the Relative Business Impact, Deployment Profile and Technology Readiness Level. 
  • Invite your current and former customers to write a review on your page. A happy customer is likely to convince a potential customer to try out your product or service. 
  • Instead of a customer: also think about independent experts in your network that could write a review. Such a review does not need to be long! 

Comments like this work: “We deployed this tech last year and it delivered great results!”

Attract even more attention by sharing on social media channels: Social sell on socials!

Are you on social media? In particular, LinkedIn and Twitter? Are you using it for business? If not, time to get started! Your LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers are likely to be in the same industry as you are. They might not be potential clients, but their connections could be! 

So, here are just a few ways to reach out (in/directly) to potential clients via social media: 

● Update your personal account to reflect the technology or solution you champion: cover photo with your product brand, job profile with links to your website, tagline mentioning your product.

 ● Engage on relevant social media posts: like/comment/share posts that your potential clients would be interested in. They are likely to see it as algorithms work according to one’s interests.

 ● Connect with potential clients, but do not sell to them (yet).

 ● Join relevant industry groups and follow hashtags related to your product. Monitor your social selling score on LinkedIn here.

If you want to gain more visibility on the platform, you can avail of our plans:

  • Growth plans will help you increase engagement with target markets and receive support from one of our experts for your technology pages.
  • With our PRO Plan you will get everything from growth PLUS get highlighted on all applicable search and filter results (usually doubles your visibility and leads), and a quarterly 1-hour performance review with a consultant providing insights on your tech page performance, and how to position your tech to end-users. 




It is worth noting that updating your technology page and promoting it on social media and other digital platforms are just half (or even less) of what it takes to increase the chances of your technology being noticed, selected and deployed. Top-notch technology features, reliable customer support, successful deployments, etc. are still key. Still, putting the word out in the digital world is important, especially in today's business landscape.

This is why TechnologyCatalogue.com is making it easier for both technology suppliers and end-users to find each other. Our platform, with thousands of visitors every month scouting for technologies, your technology is likely to attract attention from qualified leads.

If you have any questions or need support with editing your tech page, send us an email at [email protected].


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