Wind Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Wind Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Wind energy technologies, which harness energy from wind, are growing remarkably in previous years as a result of decreasing installation and operating costs. Given its huge growth potential and critical role in the Energy Transition, this month’s spotlight is on Wind Energy Technologies.

We have compiled a list featuring 9 innovative Wind Energy Technologies that include tools and hardware that either directly convert wind into energy or are key in doing so. Here you will find novel technologies that are in testing phase with key industry players as well as proven ones that have already been deployed in operational environments. 


Hossam El Dandarawy_Egypt energy sector

Egypt and Its Energy Diversification Efforts

Egypt is a major gas producer in North Africa and the Middle-East with strengthened efforts to ramp up its renewable energy sources. Being the most populous country in the region, Egypt aims to maintain energy security by diversifying energy sources as evident in its Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy (ISES) to 2035.

 To give us insights on Egypt’s energy diversification efforts, we invited our Egypt partner and energy veteran Hossam El Dandarawy for an interview.


Challenges & Opportunities for Start-Ups Supporting the Energy Transition by Hani Elshahawi

Challenges & Opportunities for Start-Ups Supporting the Energy Transition

Start-ups have a key role in accelerating the Energy Transition as they develop and offer disruptive technologies that help decarbonise economies. They introduce solutions that digitise energy ecosystems, democratise power generation, better monitor and measure energy use. 
To give us insights as to how start-ups can fully contribute in achieving a more sustainable future, we invited our US partner Hani Elshahawi, a thought Leader, entrepreneur, and game changer, for an interview.

10 Most Visited Technologies in 2021

10 Most Visited Technologies in 2021 welcomed a three-fold increase in the number of unique users visiting the website in 2021. Most page views recorded on the platform are on technology pages, which clearly shows users visiting the website are mostly interested in technologies on the platform. To give you an idea of what technologies are popular on the platform, view this list of the 10 Most Visited Technologies in 2021, in no particular order. 


Hydrogen and the Energy Transition: A Solution or An Illusion?

Hydrogen and the Energy Transition: A Solution or An Illusion?

To give light on the potential of Hydrogen to drive the Energy Transition, we invited Dr. Victor Nian, an expert in energy and sustainability strategies with 15 years of experience in energy and technology fields. Here, he provided an overview of how hydrogen can enable a transition to a cleaner, low-carbon energy system and cited challenges and opportunities for its large-scale development and implementation. Read his insights in this blog.


New platform features rolled out in 2021

New platform features rolled out in 2021

As promised at the start of 2021, has planned and realised exciting features that give our users the best possible user experience from a dynamic platform. Have a look at a list of the key features we implemented this year.

Renewable Energy Options for Businesses

Renewable Energy Options for Businesses

Previously on the blog, we talked about the importance of selecting the right kind of technology for a business. Each company approaches tech adoption at the pace best suited to it. Adapting to new tech is inevitable for any business. As carbon emissions regulations become more strict, companies big and small will be forced to transition into renewable technology. In this blog we analyse different types of renewable energy sources, and why it's so important for a company to find the right option.


Renewable Energy Frontrunners

Renewable Energy Frontrunners

Five countries leading the installation and use of renewables

More and more countries are becoming vocal on their plans to decarbonise their energy sector. More than two-thirds of governments worldwide are considering, if not committing, to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing their generation and/or use of renewable energy, among other decarbonisation initiatives. Based on the “Renewable capacity highlights” released by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) (2021) in March 2021, total global renewable energy capacity was 10.3 percent higher than the previous year. Let us explore how the top five countries performed in 2020.


Five Renewables Driving the Energy Transition

Five Renewables Driving the Energy Transition

Increasing use of renewable sources of energy is seen as one of the major solutions to decarbonise the society. Individually, how are these renewables faring in the last 10 years? Read about it in this blog, where we discuss the five major renewable energy sources that are driving Energy Transition in the last decade.

Time for alternative platform systems: Five reasons to ditch traditional scaffolding

Time for alternative platform systems: Five reasons to ditch traditional scaffolding

Working at height and other hard to reach areas is common to a lot of industries. In the past, scaffolds were the only option for workers who had to execute tasks at height or other areas with very limited access. However, these steel installations can be considered a thing of the past. There are gamechanger technologies, such as  LOBO System, that combine the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. In this blog, written by Robert Bokros [Director, LOBO Systems Ltd.] five compelling reasons to move away from traditional scaffolding are discussed.

Nancy Haegel

Solar PV Potentials in Driving Energy Transition

To explore the full potential of solar in driving global Energy Transition, along with the challenges that must be addressed to realise this, we invited Nancy Haegel from the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to answer a few questions touching on the potential of solar photovoltaics (PV) in supporting the Energy Transition.

Nancy is Center Director of the Materials Science Center in the Materials, Chemical, and Computational Science Directorate at NREL. Prior to joining NREL in 2014, she was a Distinguished Professor of Physics at the Naval Postgraduate School. Previously, she held faculty positions at Fairfield University and UCLA.

OCTOBER 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Hydrogen Production, Storage and Power Generation Technologies

Hydrogen is gaining momentum these days given its huge potential as a clean energy solution. As such, we are highlighting hydrogen production, storage and power generation technologies on the platform for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight. In this list, you will find novel and proven technologies with technology readiness levels ranging from 7 to 9. 

Enjoy browsing!


David Reid

Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Industry in the Energy Transition

Oil and gas companies are faced with the ongoing challenge to become more efficient and reduce costs amid volatile global prices. Energy Transition and the call for more renewable energy sources are also affecting the industry’s medium- to long-term prospects.

To discuss how the oil and gas industry can manoeuvre through these challenges, we invited NOV Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer David Reid. Here, he answered questions on how oil and gas companies can adjust their core business strategy to make themselves more resilient. He also discussed some key technological opportunities for the oil and gas industry in light of the global Energy Transition journey.

SEPTEMBER 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Technologies in the Spotlight September 2021 | Safety Technologies for Facilities

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is an utmost priority for every industrial organisation. And in securing compliance to health and safety standards in facilities management, deploying the right technologies plays a key role.

So for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are featuring 11 amazing technologies that can improve, if not transform, health and safety standards in your company’s facilities. 

AUGUST 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Technologies in the Spotlight August 2021 | Digital Twin Technologies

Digital twin technology is gaining widespread popularity given its ability to get real-time insights on physical assets and provide data to forecast future performance.

With the value that digital twin technologies can bring to companies, we are featuring them on this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight.


Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta

Energy Transition in Developing Countries by Monalisa Dimalanta

The journey towards Energy Transition differs across countries, and it is highly anchored on the social, economic and ecological priorities of their respective governments and constituents. To further explain the developing countries’ journey to Energy Transition, we invited Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta, a renewable energy expert  and former chairperson of Philippine government advisory body National Renewable Energy Board (NREB). 

Read her insights below on the Energy Transition journey of developing countries, with the case of the Philippines as a major reference.


How a tech page on the platform helped a tech supplier get its foot in an energy operator’s door

“I saw your technology on!”

How a tech page on the platform helped a tech supplier get its foot in an energy operator’s door

This is a case study of one of the suppliers on, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions or A3D.

A3D Director Colin Pittman said he received many interests for their technology from all over the globe, including a direct inquiry from a huge operator in Houston, Texas.


JULY 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Technologies in the Spotlight July 2021 | Drones on the Platform

Drone technology has been widely used for inspections of difficult to reach areas such as confined spaces and workplaces at height. Since this type of inspection poses risks to the workforce when done the traditional way (i.e. use of scaffolding), unmanned aerial vehicles or more commonly known as drones have become a popular safer, cost effective and more efficient alternative.

As such, for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are featuring some of the drones we have on the platform.


Arjan van Dijk

HSE Challenges & Opportunities in Major Industries

Health, safety and environment (HSE) is a major theme that is central to major industries, especially in the energy sector.

As such, we invited Safety Delta Nederland (SDN) Director Arjan van Dijk to discuss HSE challenges and opportunities in the petrochemicals industry, an industry that is largely interlinked with the energy sector. Read his answers to key HSE questions in this blog.

Miranda Taylor

A Whole-of-Economy Approach to Energy Transition by Miranda Taylor

The global population is heading towards nine billion people and the demand for energy and electricity continues to grow. At the same time many parts of the world have experienced first-hand devastating climate change impacts, and this is driving the global capital investment world to move into the energy and technology solutions needed to decarbonise all industries.


JUNE 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Technologies in the Spotlight | June 2021

Here we go again! I guess you have realised it by now… we aren’t running out of amazing technologies to show you! And for this month’s selection, there is no particular theme! Well, “cool technology” is a theme on its own, right?

So, here you go! Five cool technologies handpicked for the month of June!

Jaco Fok

Innovation and Culture: A Closer Look at Large Energy Companies

To give us insights on the innovation culture in huge energy companies, we invited Jaco Fok, an innovation and digitalisation expert, for an interview. Here, he discussed extensively how large companies change/improve/maintain certain aspects of company culture to welcome innovation and successfully embed it in their organisation. He also noted key opportunities for oil and gas companies that are at the intersection of Energy Transition.

Free masterclass

FREE 2-hour MASTERCLASS: How to Build a Balanced Tech Portfolio to Reduce CO2 Footprint

Clearly, cutting CO2 emissions is becoming a top, if not a major, priority for everyone. Shareholders and society are becoming more and more outspoken about their expectations towards energy companies to reduce their CO2 footprint, pushing the latter to take action. To support companies with this, we offer a FREE two-hour technology selection and deployment masterclass. The masterclass will be organised per company and will be open to employees who are registered users of 

Building a tech portfolio to reduce CO2 footprint

Building a tech portfolio to reduce CO2 footprint

Large companies all over the globe are taking conscious effort to reduce the CO2 footprint of their activities. According to a report from Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, over a fifth of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies announced net zero commitments. But then the question comes: how to realise those targets? 

MAY 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Technologies in the Spotlight | May 2021

This month’s selection of technologies puts a premium on data, allowing end-users to get access to crucial information for better asset maintenance, optimization and management. 

Check them out!