Bettina Bachmann DACH partner

Energy Transition in the DACH Region: Insights from Bettina Bachmann

The DACH region, composed of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is joining this global energy transition journey as it is accelerating the integration of renewable energy sources in its energy system. To shed more light on this topic, we invited our DACH partner Bettina Bachmann to answer a few questions.

joe dischinger interview

Innovating versus Surviving: How the US energy sector innovates amid a belt-tightening business environment

With a volatile global market and uncertain national political situation, there is a need for companies to future-proof operations and be on top of solutions and strategies available in the market, including technological solutions. Renewables need to further drive their unit cost down to compete with traditional energy sources, while traditional energy companies see the need to diversify and explore emerging business streams.

To shed light on how innovations are playing a role in a challenging business environment that US energy companies are in now, we asked our US partner Joseph Dischinger to answer the following five questions.

Safety Delta Nederland and TechnologyCatalogue

Safety Delta Nederland, launch dedicated online platform showcasing safety techs for Dutch (petro) chemical industry

Fastest growing online technology platform and Safety Delta Nederland (SDN) teamed up to deliver the first-of-its-kind platform aimed at promoting technological solutions to improve safety performance and significantly reduce incidents in the Dutch (petro) chemical industry. 

technologies in the spotlight feb

Technologies in the spotlight | February 2021

For the month of February, we handpicked five technologies on our platform that might address key challenges in your business. Take a quick look at the list and check their tech pages for more information. 

country partner

Become a country partner of has seen very steep growth since the launch of the platform in 2018. We now have more than 500 registered technologies, close to 100 tech experts and over 50,000 platform users. We have also assisted many key players in the industry in their technology selection and deployment activities.

After reading the rest  of this blog, I encourage you to visit our website, register for free and enjoy all these features I am talking about.  

Anouk Creusen

Women in the Energy Sector: Insights from Anouk Creusen

The energy sector remains one of the least gender diverse sectors and closing this gender gap will be vital as women are key drivers of innovative and inclusive solutions. - International Energy Association believes that real change can be achieved when there’s inclusion and diversity in both decision making and execution processes. There is just no match to many ideas laid on the table coming from people with different perspectives.

most viewed technologies 2020

10 Most Viewed Technologies on in 2020

Last year, both the number of technologies and visitors on our platform and partner portals more than doubled compared to the previous year. This is great news for both suppliers and end-users as it means more exposure for technologies on one hand and more choices of technologies on the other. 

Here we listed t(in alphabetical order) the 10 most viewed technologies on our platform in 2020, with the following common elements.

Virtual expo

Opportunities for exhibition organisers in the COVID-19 era and beyond

COVID-19 resulted in drastic changes to ways companies and their employees  deal with their clients, mostly resorting to online interactions as restrictions in several countries do not allow for physical events such as meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Although the vaccines offer hope, it is not likely that people will be as comfortable attending live events as in the past especially that current situation exposed them to alternative, sometimes more effective and convenient, ways of doing business...


Emerging Operational Challenges in the Energy Sector: From the Perspective of Operators in the UK

Our goal is to connect End-Users with the right Technology Suppliers and provide support in the deployment process. 

To realise this goal more effectively, we reached out to over 500 UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) Operators, Tier#1 Contractors, and many international and national oil companies to identify industry trends and establish their specific interest in learning more about Technologies that address key operational challenges. The goal is to listen to our UK End-Users so our platform will be more aligned to actual needs of the sector. One thing was clear as a result of this survey: Energy Transition is a top priority for UK operators. This will be discussed further shortly.


Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!

The Energy industry has truly pushed the boundaries over time, and delivered projects that were considered unthinkable not too long ago. Technology has truly been an enabler. Yet, despite the undeniable role that technology has played, it is also clear that there is significant room to further accelerate the speed of technology deployment.

The good news is: technology deployment can be done… faster and with higher chances of success. Read how in this new piece!

x industry themes

X-industry themes: Replicating best practices from other industries

This blog will explain how success can be replicated by looking at companies from other industries that have relevant or similar business concerns. When it comes to replicating what your neighbours have done, keep in mind that you are not limited to companies that are active in the same industry as you are. Other industries can offer very powerful ideas --- there are differences in some aspects, but there are also commonalities. Read our new article to learn more about X-Industry techs! 


Production Assurance with Enhanced Decision Support powered by AI & Digital Twin

Technological advances have enabled the industry to produce natural gas at never-seen-before rates by maximizing the potential from assets and ensuring optimum flow rates across the field. However, these pose plenty of challenges to match the demand at sales point – constantly fluctuating oil and gas price, production inefficiencies, cost pressures squeezing the margins and limited personnel on the field.

The uncertainty in the behavior of the challenges needs a connected system that helps in making dynamic decisions to suit the situation. For consistent and faster problem recognition, AI-driven digital twin is proposed to optimize the production of the gas gathering network.

Read more about Cerebra Digital Twin in our latest article!

tech selection

Selecting the right technology to improve business performance

The number of technologies that are available on the market is overwhelming, and new technologies become available every single day. Selecting the right technology for your business may seem like finding a needle in the haystack!

In this blog, we share some insights on how you can address this challenge, no matter how large or small your company is.


Tech Positioning: a Recurring Activity!

In one of our previous blogs, we revealed a few secrets to boost your technology with the Tech Positioning Programme, based on >20 years of technology deployment experience. The programme helps you to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the overall offering, and to make it as attractive as possible to the broadest appropriate customer base. 

People asked us the question whether the Tech Positioning Programme is a one-off event, or whether it needs to be repeated at regular intervals. It is the latter, and in this blog we explain why.

case study UK operator

Case Study: How a UK Operator Optimises Turnarounds with Technology

When an Oil/Gas or Petrochemical facility is in its operating phase it will require periodic maintenance activities throughout its lifetime. One of the most impactful recurring activities are the planned shutdowns (‘turnarounds’) that are typically conducted at intervals varying from 1-6 years.

Click on "Read more" to see how we helped a UK-based Oil & Gas Operator to shorten the duration of a turnaround by ~40% thanks to the right technology!

data analytics

Marketing Managers: Data Analytics to get more leads for your tech products is growing fast. We’re rapidly going towards 500 technologies, and already >35,000 unique users have made use of the platform to select technologies that can improve business performance.

Besides the technology page for suppliers, we also offer other services. One of the services that we provide is ‘Market Insights & Analytics’.

The analytics give you powerful insights that can help you maximise the market potential of your technology. Learn more in this article!

new tech update

New service: monthly technology update

In one of our recent blogs, we shared three tips for Operators to increase the chances that technology gets deployed and replicated. 

Multiple people responded to the blog, and indicated that it would be great to receive a monthly e-mail summary of new additions to, such that it can support items 2 and 3 as per above. This is now something that we have added to our services menu.

Read how it works in our latest article!


Radical Innovation – Everybody can if they know how

Steinar’s practical guide is based on his experience over the years with radical innovation in Equinor and other companies. The book sums up the knowledge he has gained from this journey in a story-like format, emphasizing the importance of taking a systematic approach to radical innovation. Although does not focus on radical innovation, there is still a seamless fit with what we do. In this blog, we will explain what the link is!


Accelerating the energy transition whilst making the most of existing assets & expertise

The UK’s energy sector is changing more rapidly than ever before, driven by societal expectations and today’s challenging economic environment. Besides, the need for accelerated technology deployment has increased further as a result of the current low oil and gas prices as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic. To help address these challenges, the UK Energy Technology Platform was recently launched. In this article, we talk to Colin Black, Founder and Owner of Carjon-NRG, an Aberdeen headquartered Technology Deployment Service Company, delivering energy innovation around the world. Together we discuss the UK Energy Technology Platform, its functionalities, how it can address business needs and how it is a revolutionary asset for the Energy Industry - keeping in mind the challenges as outlined above! 


A customised platform for your country

Country platforms - like the UK Energy Technology Platform – are delivered jointly with local partners that have an extensive network and a solid reputation. Naturally, these local partners share in the success of the platform. Also, it gives them a chance to create visibility for their own technology deployment services to get technologies deployed, this way helping suppliers and end-users to improve business performance...


Offshore Wind: 6 Technologies You Should Definitely Keep in Mind

Over the past few years, the world has been witnessing a revolution happening along our coasts, as the number of offshore wind projects has been multiplying.

Offshore wind represents now a large section in the energy market that more and more players in the field are trusting, being a powerful and effective resource for the good of our economy and the health of our oceans.

Getting technology deployed and replicated

Getting technology deployed and replicated - 3 tips for suppliers

The oil and gas industry has truly pushed the boundaries over time and delivered projects that were considered unthinkable not too long ago. Technology has truly been an enabler. Yet, despite the undeniable role that technology has played, it is also clear that there is significant room to further accelerate the speed of technology deployment and realise its true value proposition, particularly in today’s challenging business environment.

In this blog, we want to share 3 tips for suppliers.

Guidance to make technologies ‘deployment-ready’

Streamlining your technology deployment activities with clear guidance

Most Operators would agree that technology and innovation are critical to remain competitive. Also, most Operators would agree with the statement that effective deployment is key to reap the full benefit from the technology & innovation efforts. Yet, few companies that we know of have effective technology deployment guidelines in place, such that it is clear to staff the steps they need to take to effectively get technology deployed into the business.

When we support Operators with streamlining their technology deployment guidelines, we focus on two main areas...