Deployment Partners and their role on

Deployment Partners and their role on assists companies in their technology scouting, selection and deployment activities. 

With the platform serving as an online space where business challenges meet technological solutions, has facilitated connections between technology suppliers and end-users. It has become an effective technology scouting tool for end-user companies.

But our platform goes further than finding and selecting the right technologies.

Technology deployment is another aspect that is key in ensuring a seamless flow of innovation in the energy industry. And this is where intends to expand its presence further by strengthening the role of Deployment Partners on the platform, which counts to over 140 as of writing.

To discuss this initiative further, Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nijveld answers a few questions for this blog.


What is a Deployment Partner? What are the requirements to be qualified as one? Are you looking at specific fields of expertise?

The platform offers an effective tool to find solutions and select which ones would best fit your business. To ensure that the right technologies are successfully deployed, something that our end-user companies often ask us to help in, we need a strong network of experts—our Deployment Partners!

Deployment Partners can range from small consultancy firms with deep technical expertise, to service companies that can deploy a wide range of technologies as part of their services. This can be technical consultancy companies, technical training providers, risk assessors, and the likes. covers a wide range of technologies, and we therefore want to team up with Deployment Partners that offer specific technical and/or non-technical expertise in deploying the technologies that are on the platform.

Erik Nijveld, Co-Founder and CEO Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nijveld


How do you see them as partners at What are the opportunities for Deployment Partners on the platform? 

When we became a 100% platform company in 2021, requests for consulting services from our clients were referred to our Deployment Partners. It was only certain cases that we delivered the services ourselves, such as to deliver our workshop Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes.

So, we view them as partners in providing holistic technology scouting, selection and deployment services to our clients. 

Through our platform, our Deployment Partners have access to technologies that can solve their clients' challenges. And I think this is one of the biggest benefits of having a technology platform ‘under their arm’ when entering their clients’ offices: they have a powerful technology scouting tool right at their fingertips. This will allow them to show their clients that they are well equipped. Just as well how this has helped us to charge attractive consultancy tariffs in the past, this can also help our Deployment Partners.


What do you think is the greatest value they can provide to suppliers on the platform? To end-users on the platform? 

Whenever one of our end-users finds, and selects, a technology to deploy on our platform, it is also often the case that they will seek assistance on successfully embedding this technology into their organisation. Hence, the need for subject matter experts—our Deployment Partners.

Moreover, technology suppliers on the platform need assistance in positioning their solution to end-users. Assistance required sometimes include its use cases in specific industries, in which Deployment Partners are often in the best position given their specialisation in the technology’s domain and/or target industries.

Page of Versatec, one of our deployment partners

What is the business model for this partnership? What are the commitments/deliverables of both parties?

We see this approach as a partnership, which means it must be a win-win for both parties. 

On our end, we will ensure that our Deployment Partners would have good visibility on our platform whenever and wherever relevant. 

Our Deployment Partners will have their own pages on the platform which serve as opportunities for them to have more visibility to both our technology suppliers and end-users.

Our platform also serves as a venue for them to share their insights/knowledge through our blogs and webinars. 

They will also be encouraged to write reviews on technologies on the platform in which they have experience. This way, they would be visible to interested end-users viewing the technology page on the platform and on internal technology platforms of big companies like Aramco, Harbour Energy and Brunei Shell.

Furthermore, we also refer relevant inquiries from both end-users and suppliers to Deployment Partners as well as proactively mention their expertise whenever we see a fit with their activities. It is then between the Deployment Partner and the customer to come to an agreement. Deployment Partners do not need to pay us a referral fee.

For the partnership to be mutually beneficial, our Deployment Partners are expected to highlight our platform to people and companies in their network and encourage them to register. Do they have a client who might be interested to have an internal technology platform? Refer them to Our Deployment Partners could also inform us of other technologies they have experience/expertise with, and we will add them to the platform.

This, of course, is on top of the usual support we will give each other on social media and other digital marketing platforms we are present in.


What is your long-term vision for Deployment Partners and

We see them as partners in making sure we are bringing great value to technology suppliers and end-user companies, and to the industry as a whole. By having Deployment Partners in most technical expertise areas needed by operators in deploying technologies, it will be easier for the industry to innovate.

With a growing number of technologies and Deployment Partners on the platform, it will be much easier for the industry to have access to technological solutions and expertise that improve business performance and contribute to a more sustainable future. This way, we are facilitating a seamless flow of innovation in the industry, globally.


Interested to become our Deployment Partner? Please contact us at
As a next step, we will share with you a 3-page document that forms the basis for an agreement between the Deployment Partner and


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