About TechnologyCatalogue.com

We are the fastest growing technology platform for the energy transition.

Through our platform, we connect technology suppliers, end-users and experts to accelerate the uptake of technology.

Mission Statement

To be the global online platform connecting technologies to end-users in the energy sector and be the catalyst for rapid deployment.


A seamless flow of innovation in the global energy sector

What we do?

With over 700 technologies and 60,000 unique users of the platform, TechnologyCatalogue.com supports the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable energy sector.

Aside from the global platform, TechnologyCatalogue.com also provides customized services for companies and industry organizations tailored according to their specific needs to get the technology deployed!

We earn our money by offering matchmaking services and data insights.


Our Values

  • We strive for constant innovation

  • We work for results and impacts

  • We value collaboration and partnership

  • We respect diversity and individuality

  • We uphold ethics and integrity


Our Track Record and Experience

TechnologyCatalogue.com was established in 2018 with the purpose to accelerate the energy transition with technology and innovation.

Over the years, we have led technology deployment activities for global and regional operators. These activities resulted in >1000 technology deployments, with significant impact on safety, cost and production - resulting >$1 billion of value added.


A Trusted Technology Partner to the World's Most Innovative Brands


"It is a great opportunity to be introduced to new technologies, without having to travel.”

Ingvill J. Bækø - Senior Engineer Operations Technology & Digitalisation AkerBP


“Vopak is well on its way on a digital transformation and innovation journey. An ideation and experimentation flywheel is in full spin generating a wide variety of solutions with potential for the Vopak network to improve safety, service, efficiency and productivity. The most difficult phase is the deployment and replication in the terminal network of successful technologies. We have engaged Deployment Matters (TechnologyCatalogue.com) and tapped into their know-how and expertise of technology deployments. Their methodology to assess benefits and do-ability worked very well for us. Furthermore, the concept of a technology catalogue/innovation store to create pull in the network is working well for us.”

- Mark Noordhoek-Hegt – Global Director Digital Innovation - Vopak


"TechnologyCatalogue.com is a great way to support best practice transfer both inside and between companies. Leading to lower costs but maybe even more important lower wastes, higher efficiencies, better material use and investment returns."

- Peter Gommers - Peter4Strategy - Former Director Strategy and Commercial Excellence at Nouryon and AkzoNobel


"I signed up for the Catalogue to have easy access to preselected technologies in the field of maintenance, operational excellence, energy efficiency and digitalization. I like the idea of having free access and direct connection to the vendors. For me, it is also essential that you do the quality check before a company is allowed to place their proposals to the platform, 

and I like to have a first indication about references in the industry. This makes the difference to classical ‘Internet Research’ to find a proper solution for our business."

- VP Asset Management at a large European Energy company


"An innovation for innovators!”

- Bernadette Cullinane – Deloitte Partner Australian Oil & Gas Leader and Global LNG Leader


Communities We Serve

  • Companies - We make new and proven technologies centrally available to the end users, and support with tools, expertise and data insights to make the deployments happen. These technologies aim to make their business more efficient and sustainable.

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  • Suppliers  - We provide suppliers a global platform to market their technologies and attract potential clients. Effectively, our platform is a 24/7 online exhibition at far lower cost to the suppliers. 

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  • Tech Experts - We offer tech experts a strategic venue to position themselves as the authority in getting these technologies deployed. 

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Our Team

We have a diverse and dedicated team consisting of  specialists in various fields, from robotics to data analytics, as well as expertise, from project management to growth hacking.

We speak 11 different languages, with English as our working language.

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