Technology Deployment: it sounds easy. In practice, it is challenging to get companies in 'risk-averse' industries to adopt technologies. Based on our experience we know that it can be done. And the value can be phenomenal!

One of the main challenges that operating companies are often faced with: there are thousands of technologies on the market but it's almost impossible to quickly find what is available and compare it to other options.

This Technology Catalogue addresses this issue and access is free!

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Technology Catalogue for end-users

Have new and proven technologies at your fingertips anytime anywhere to improve your business output and reach operational excellence!

Use the public or a customised version of the Technology Catalogue to maximise the uptake of value-adding technology within your company. 

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Technology Catalogue for suppliers

Use the Technology Catalogue to increase awareness of your technologies within the industry.

Build trust through independent reviews from industry experts.

Use the Technology Stress Test to position your technology for success.