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End-users blog supports companies in finding, selecting, ranking and deploying the right technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency and improve safety. We are thereby focusing on companies in the energy sector.

And we do this through our global platform where you can find solutions for challenges businesses face nowadays, as well as through customised and internal technology platforms tailored to customers’ business needs. 

To substantiate on how end-user companies can benefit from, our Sales Manager Judith Nugent will answer relevant questions below.

1. What do you think are the most common barriers and choke points faced by end-user companies in the energy industry in carrying out their innovation activities?  

Our first-hand experience is that it is difficult for decision-makers in energy companies to stay up-to-date on available technology-driven improvement opportunities for their business.

Yes, almost everything can now be Googled. And technology suppliers have websites to showcase their solutions to potential customers. However, between searching on Google and selecting the right solution for your business, there lies endless scrolling through millions of search results. They are either generic articles about trends or similar high-level information.

Undoubtedly, there are staff members in engineering positions who are generally technology savvy. However, they also have busy daily jobs with a strong focus on safety, meeting project milestones and delivering production targets. 

As a result, decision-makers often rely on various unstructured channels such as social media, word of mouth, etc. to learn about technology opportunities for their business.


2. How could a technology platform like (help) address these challenges? Could you mention concrete examples? contains technologies in the broadest sense: from IT/digitalisation technologies to hardware solutions and workflows. This allows decision-makers and technical staff in end-user companies to have full access to a large and ever-growing overview of technologies, whereby the content is kept up-to-date by suppliers and selection can be done based on deployment profile, references and/or reviews.

Technologies and tech page

Every technology on the platform has a unique page capturing the key technology information, specifications and details about the supplier, as well as the opportunity to directly contact them.

User/expert reviews, as well as, deployment records give the confidence to accelerate the uptake of technology. Nothing gives more confidence than a review from someone we trust, especially when they come from the same industry. 

Large operators recognise the value we bring to the table. In fact, major industry players such as Aker BP, Aramco, and Harbour Energy have subscribed to And recently, UK regulator The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) has contracted us to assist UK-based technology end-users and suppliers in accelerating their technology and innovation activities

3. What are the services available for end-user companies? For individual users? Do you have different offerings according to the size of the company? Or their nature of business? caters to both individual and end-user companies, and we have services available that suit these two segments well.

First, individual end-users,  ranging from curious folks who would like to see what’s on the platform to consultants or technology managers working on a project and trying to find technological solutions—can either have a basic starter account that is free or an explorer account with a minimal subscription fee. 

For companies, we offer a secure and private company space within the infrastructure, with technical support to ensure optimal use. With the company space, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology overview. The technology content is thereby kept up-to-date by technology suppliers, and they have a clear incentive to ensure that the latest status is being shown. 

This platform is complemented with advanced benchmarking data and insights that allow users to track competitors’ technology deployment. 

In case you don't find what you're looking for: we support you with identifying relevant technologies in the Energy industry, as well as other industries, to address your specific business challenges and opportunities. We can do this effectively by leveraging the large global community.

And there's more we can deliver, dependent on your specific needs.


4. How do you suggest interested clients to decide which services suit their needs? 

An individual subscription is an easy way to get started, and to get used to the platform. Our experience also is that the moment they see the platform in action and experience the benefits, they want to know more.

At that stage, I would recommend that we schedule a 45-60 minute meeting, during which we can demonstrate the functionality that we offer as part of a company subscription. 

5. What would be the long-term benefits of joining the platform with a company subscription? 

Having a subscription is like crowdsourcing your technology scouting and selection to us, making our entire community of technology suppliers and deployment partners work with and for you. 

Our platform will also keep your organisation on top of technological trends in your industry, including technology deployment of your competitors. These are details that are difficult, if not impossible, to find on the internet. 

Key details about the technologies you find on our platform, including latest developments and deployments, are kept up-to-date by suppliers themselves. This means there is no need for your organisation to maintain your own technology platform.

And with our ever-growing and strong network of deployment partners across key expertise required in the industry, you can also have more confidence that the technology you will choose will be successfully deployed in your organisation.

Interested in one of the services we offer? Send us an email at, and we can set up a call to discuss your requirements.

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