Seeks Strong Partnerships with Industry Associations

Blog on industry associations views industry associations as a strategic partner in reaching a wider network of technology end-users, suppliers and deployment partners. 

Their annual or semi-annual gatherings have proven to strengthen connection, commitment and knowledge sharing among members. Nonetheless, having another venue to connect and share knowledge 24/7, regardless of where their members are, holds great value, especially in times where there is a blurring line between online and offline communities.

As of writing, has existing partnerships with key industry stakeholders such as operators, innovators, consulting firms and government regulators. Strengthening our relationship with associations would further expand our presence in the industry. And can support associations in their transformation process.

With this in mind, Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nijveld shares in this Q&A blog how we would like to collaborate with industry associations.

1. How do you see industry associations and working together? What are the points of cooperation/collaboration you have in mind? 

Working with industry associations is not new to We have a longstanding partnership with the International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) to deliver the IPLOCA Members Technology Platform, and more recently, with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). In a nutshell, both partnerships aim to make technological solutions closer to their members.

IPLOCA Platform
IPLOCA Members Technology Platform is an online platform that modernises the way IPLOCA helps connect the innovative technologies of IPLOCA members to potential clients and facilitates knowledge-sharing between members.

Given the success of these partnerships, we believe it would be great to offer similar arrangements to other associations. We would like to provide an easy way to create visibility for technologies of their members, and/or technologies of relevance to their target audience. This way, increasing the association’s reputation and visibility.

We see this initiative as a means to further grow our platform. These associations’ network could serve as a vehicle for to reach more technology end-users, suppliers and even deployment partners.

Hence a mutually beneficial relationship.

2. What type of industry associations are you looking to work with? Please answer in terms of membership size, geographic coverage or nature of operations.

We are open to any industry associations with members who are involved directly or indirectly in the energy transition. By this we mean technology end-users who are either energy producers, distributors or consumers, and technology suppliers who offer technological solutions to these end-user companies.

We do not discriminate against membership size or location, as long as there is a clear intention to innovate and to accelerate energy transition. 

3. What would be the nature of this partnership? Is there monetary provision involved?

We offer a partner association their own landing page on our platform. Together, we can discuss the contents on the landing page and align them with the association’s objectives. For instance, we can use the association’s focus areas as technology modules. We can also align the platform’s branding—the name, background image/video, messaging—to that of the association. takes care of all operational aspects of the platform.

The landing page offers a revenue opportunity for associations as it can showcase logos of or ads from sponsoring/paying organisations, with a reasonable percentage of the revenues going to 

In return, we expect the association to actively promote the landing page to their members through their online channels such as social media and newsletters, and offline channels such as general assemblies or conferences they organise. We will do the same on our channels.

Twice a year, we will jointly review the effectiveness of the partnership. 

4. What are the incentives the platform can offer to industry associations? And vice versa?

The partnership we offer to industry associations provides their technology end-user members easier access to technological solutions aligned with their priorities. Conversely, association members that are technology suppliers will get more visibility for their products via the landing page. 

On our end, we are expecting a targeted exposure for our platform. With the association promoting the platform to their members, we expect quality traffic to the platform and interest in the services we offer.

5. How can your community—end-user companies, tech suppliers and deployment partners—benefit from partnerships with industry associations?

Technology end-users on the platform can expect wider selections of technological solutions and deployment partners as a result of partnerships with industry associations. This means that they would be exposed to more solutions to address their business challenges. Technology suppliers, on the other hand, can benefit from more views on their tech pages from association members who are looking for solutions.


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