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Pitching Your Technology To End-Users from All Over The World


Webinars have been the most effective—and for a large part, the only—way to talk to potential customers globally at once in the last two years. While exhibitions and conferences are back and face-to-face meetings are taking place again, there is no doubt webinars are here to stay given their inherent capacity to introduce your technology from your desktop to interested users sitting anywhere else in the world. This is why TechnologyCatalogue.com looks at webinars as another strategic channel to promote innovative solutions on the platform. 

Our past webinars have been a great venue not just for technology suppliers to provide information beyond what is indicated on their technology pages on the platform, but they have also served as a great opportunity for them to have more information about which companies are interested in their products through the registration list containing information shared by the registrants.

Our Audience

Our webinars attract registrations from all over the world, and their recordings receive views from an even wider range of audiences. As of writing, we have organised 56 webinars. While this number also includes industry insights webinars, the majority of them are product webinars where we give the floor to technology suppliers to present key features of their solutions.

Webinar Registrants and Attendees



Our customers receive a complete report of registrants and attendees, including email addresses and company. In case of fewer than 40, registrations, our customers receive a refund. 


To give you an idea of the profile of our webinars’ audience, below you will find some analytics from our recent webinar titled “Technologies Toward A More Sustainable Future” held on 15 February 2022.





We received registrations from key industry players such as Shell, Aramco, Total Energies, Petroleum Development Oman, Kuwait Oil Company, BP, among others. In most webinars, we have a specific time allocated to Q&As, which often formed a start for follow-through communications with pitching suppliers.

Audiences Pre- and Post-Webinar

Our webinar offering goes beyond the 30- 45-minute online conference service—it includes a whole suite of social media, email and online campaigns before (at least three weeks prior to the webinar), during (live tweets) and after (posting and distributing the recording) the webinar. As such, your technology is getting exposure on all three digital platforms and is then promoted to our online community.

We also share the webinar on our platform and include a registration form on our homepage. This creates significant exposure and visibility: as of the 1st of June 2022, 156k unique users visited our platforms from all over the world in the last 12 months; 23k unique users in the month of May 2022. 


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Our Webinar Package

TechnologyCatalogue.com offers webinars to technology suppliers and experts aiming to promote their products and services to a larger audience, anywhere in the world. Our webinars are a product of the team’s concerted efforts from orienting the suppliers on the logistics to the uploading and distribution of recordings to registrants and members of our community. 

Our Marketing Team takes charge of all the creatives such as banner photos, header photos, etc. We will also draft the texts for the webinar page, social media posts, email campaigns and other communication materials related to the webinar. Nevertheless, we will be in close coordination with the supplier and the presenter/s they will assign to ensure that the communication materials are not in conflict with their own branding and messaging style.

Below are all inclusions to the webinar package we offer: 

1. Social media promotions

2. Email campaign to register

Newsletter to relevant stakeholders in our database (1-2 weeks before the webinar)

Webinar email example

3. Email campaign to those registered

  • Welcome email
  • First reminder - 1 day before the webinar
  • Final reminder - 10 minutes before the webinar
  • Thank you email (for those who attended)
  • We missed you email (for those who did not attend)

4. Webinar recording (Youtube link, can be downloaded)

5. Webinar collaterals

  • Webinar banner
  • Webinar email/LinkedIn header 
  • Webinar registration list with their email address, company and extra information

Webinar PDFs (sample here)

Example Webinar Recording Video: Decommissioning and Its Role in the Energy Transition



Take a look at one of our webinar recording videos! 

Book A Webinar Today!

Our team is a well-oiled machine when it comes to organising webinars. As we often say, we take care of the organisation “from womb to tomb”, and the biggest thing the supplier needs to carry out is to prepare for their pitch during the webinar and answer questions raised by attendees.

A 30-minute webinar, together with all the inclusions discussed above, can be booked with us at 1249 euros. We offer discounts to suppliers that are Growth or Pro package holders (yearly subscription). 

Schedule a meeting with us if you are interested in organising your next webinar with us. Just email us at [email protected]. Kindly note that we are strictly requiring suppliers to book the webinar at least one month prior to the planned webinar date.


Check this feedback on our webinar service from one of the tech suppliers 

"TechnologyCatalogue.com recently organised a 30-minute webinar for the ReliaSol Intelligence Maintenance System, winner of the Tech for the Energy Transitions Awards 2021 in the Maintenance category. The preparations went smoothly, and the team at TechnologyCatalogue.com ensured that the webinar was promoted to our target audience. We reached more than 100 registrations and we received the list, which includes people from Siemens, Shell, Baker Hughes, among others. Overall, I am very satisfied with the webinar and the services provided by TechnologyCatalogue.com!” 

- ReliaSol Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer Kasper Huisman