Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!



Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!

By: Erik Nijveld – Co-Founder and CEO of

The Energy Industry has been in the centre of intensifying calls for a more sustainable future, putting pressure to transform the current energy system to rely less on fossil fuels amid a steady increase in energy demand. The industry has also been susceptible to volatile political situations around the world. 

These factors have pushed industry players to continue innovating to reduce carbon footprint, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Time and again, technology has been an enabler for all these to happen.

Yet, despite the undeniable role that technology has played, it is also clear that there is significant room to further accelerate the speed of technology deployment.

The good news is: technology deployment can be done… faster and with higher chances of success! 



Technology Deployment

The plot shows the technology uptake as a result of the activities we led in a major Oil & Gas company. This workshop will give you tools, processes and insights on how to achieve a similar or even faster uptake of technology (avoiding the slow uptake in the initial years!)


In order to support our customers with the technology deployment drive, we have designed a workshop Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!  During the workshop, we share and discuss tools, processes and insights to position technologies for success and to successfully deliver the technology. 

Since starting in March 2018, we have delivered this workshop to tens of customers, participated by over 500 people at different levels of their respective organisations. Participants themselves emphasised that the workshop resulted in:

  • Better understanding of how and why technology gets deployed, including the technical and business drivers that ensure success, and how to position technology accordingly;
  • Deeper knowledge of how to use the right tools and processes to effectively address business challenges with technology; and
  • Understanding of the critical success factors for making deployments happen and how to organise the technology delivery in line with these critical factors.


Typically, a workshop lasts 8 hours. While this is naturally not sufficient to go into detail, the workshop does help to give participants better understanding about technology deployment matters and to create the right mindset. If desired, we can deliver the workshop in a two- or three-day format, allowing a deep dive and providing adequate time to have multiple exercises. 

The workshop has three main components.


How to find and select technologies

The first component focuses on how to find and select the right technologies for your business.  The number of technologies that are available on the market is overwhelming, and new ones become available every single day. Selecting the right technology for your business may seem like finding a needle in the haystack! However, there are ways to do this, no matter how large or small your company is. As part of the workshop, we share practical strategies and techniques to guarantee that you select the right technology. 


Rank the Technologies

Once an initial selection of technologies is made, an important next step is to rank the technologies. We do this with our Tech Assessment Tool.

This tool uses a scoring system that is based on a specific set of questions spread across multiple themes. The outcome is thereby visualised in a spider diagram, such that people can easily see the status. The methodology is based on our hands-on experience with tech development & deployment gained over a period of >20 years.

The outcome of the Tech Assessment Tool is also instrumental in defining specific actions to increase the chances of success. Our experience is that most challenges for getting technology deployed are non-technical, and the Tech Assessment Tool therefore places significant emphasis on non-technical elements.

During the workshop, we give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Tech Assessment Tool and apply it to a technology that you want to get going in your business. We provide you feedback based on our experience. 


The outcome of the technology assessment is summarised using a spider diagram. 

The outcome of the technology assessment is summarised using a spider diagram.

Critical success factors for technology deployment

Creating a solid portfolio of technologies is important, but that in itself is not sufficient. A lot more work is needed to make the business case, get the required support and sustainably embed the technology into the business, including all related change management aspects.

During the workshop, we give you practical insights and tools on how to handle this. 

This experience is not only based on the years that the founders were leading technology deployment activities in Shell.  We also refer to our experiences with the numerous customers we supported since starting in March 2018 where we delivered significant value as a result!

Tech Insights Navigator: A Powerful Resource for Tech Deployment

Aside from the workshop, we can also support your company with another powerful resource: our Tech Insights Navigator, a tool that generates data from our platform and translates them into actionable insights that would be of great value to your tech selection and deployment activities. 

By subscribing to this service, you can have your own team space within the infrastructure where you can access relevant technologies based on your priority areas and expressed criteria. Your team space will also have advanced filters for technologies that will allow you to get specific data and insights about technology deployments in the industry. This way, you can select technologies that have worked with other players in your industry and geographic location, and replicate it in your own organisation. 

With this filter functionality, you will stay on top of industry trends.



Technology deployment in the Energy industry is challenging, but it can be done. By applying the learnings of our technology deployment workshop, you will immediately be able to make a difference and improve business performance. 

Curious how this can help you? Please contact us at! 



Discover and deploy technological innovations to accelerate energy transition. That’s the objective of With over 900 technologies and 100,000 unique users of the platform, supports the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable energy sector.

Aside from the global platform, also provides customised services for companies and industry organiSations, tailored according to their specific needs to get the technology deployed. The SDN Technology Platform is a key example.

We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects related to new ways of working. Over the years, we have facilitated more than 1,000 technology deployments for global and regional companies resulting in >$1 billion of value added.


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