Isobaric Gas Transfer (IsobaricGT) System

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To store, transfer and transport CNG from stranded and marginal offshore fields to shore in a manner that is commercially realizable.

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April 11 2024

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the most economical and well known methods of transporting produced gas on an onshore setting. The process and technology of conditioning produced gas as CNG is well known, simple and is one of the most inexpensive solutions.

NGLTech’s proprietary technology, Isobaric Gas Transfer System (IsobaricGT) addresses the shortcomings of conventional CNG systems when applied to an offshore production environment. The system developed deploys a number of novel methodologies and provisions to store, transfer and transport CNG from stranded and marginal offshore fields to shore in a manner that is commercially realizable. 

It is envisaged that the technology will be the primary enabler and catalyst for the reduction and eventual elimination of the practice of gas flaring regionally and globally, keeping in line with Paris Agreement to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Patented Technology (Malaysia Application No.: PI2021001105) with a readiness level tier TRL-4 (System Validated in Lab).

Pros & Limitations
Novel Process Technology that enables the creation of new gas sales revenue streams for the end user
Addresses key bottleneck of conventional CNG technology which is the high gas loading/offloading durations
Technology is simple in operation and proven in principle
Catalyst for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions to the atmosphere via elimination of flaring from existing oil production sites
Natural Gas and LNG prices poised to be on the uptrend for the next 10 – 30 years
System is validated in lab, but no commercial deployment
Specification Title Specification Description
Intellectual Property
Filed in Malaysia. Patent Ref. No.: PI2021001105. To be patented in other countries in upcoming months
30% to 40% reduction in field development cost
No requirement for compression. Low power and energy consumption
High rate of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) loading and unloading
Application Conditions
Fit for stranded/ marginal gas fields and offshore flaring gas
Bureau Veritas (BV) verified design
Simultaneous production of gas from multiple fields


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