Low Pressure Production Unit (LPPU)

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Effective Solution for Low Pressure Oil Wells

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April 11 2024

Pressure depletion is an issue faced by almost every maturing oil field across the world. As wellhead platforms are usually small and unmanned, it is often not economical to retrofit existing facilities to accommodate these low pressure wells due to constraints of space, weight and/or cost, and so these wells are usually idle or shut-in and their oil inventory is unrecovered.

LPPU is a cost effective system designed to boost the pressure of production fluids from low pressure oil wells in mature fields. The system operates at very low pressure such that it exerts minimal backpressure on the wells. This increases the production and extends the well life by allowing it to continue producing even with a FTHP near to atmospheric pressure.

The system is designed with a fully automated intricate isolation methodology such that it can receive continuous full flow from the well, and still manages to operate in batches to deliver the oil to the production header.

This technology has been jointly developed, patented, and successfully deployed with PETRONAS.

Pros & Limitations
Compact design
Light Weight
Minimal utility requirement
No high power consumers: e.g. Pumps
Low system complexity and controls
No manning requirement
High turndown ratio
Operates at pressures as low as atmospheric.
Flexibility to add-on a compact compression system to completely eliminate flaring/venting.
HP Gas source required for motive gas (e.g. Gaslift)
Requires a small power source for operating the valves (can be done via adding-on solar panel)
Requires Instrument air or Instrument gas for valve operation.
Specification Title Specification Description
Ability to cater wide ranges of flowrate.
Areas of Application
Suitable for Remote Wellhead Platforms (WHP) and Central Processing Platforms (CPP).
High turndown ratio since it's operated in batches; 100:1
Hazardous Area Classification
Standard design for Zone 2 but can be upgraded to Zone 1 and Zone 0.
Fully automated. No manning required.
A compact compression system can be added to the system in order to utilize recovered gas as motive to replace the need of gaslift.
Intellectual Property
Internationally Patented Technology (Application No.: PCT/MY2015/050037) filed in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, UAE, Iran, Nigeria, Thailand, India and Vietnam
Electronic parts are ATEX certified as explosion proof/Flame proof (Exd)
Minimal consumption (< 60W) that can be supplied by a solar panel


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Formed in 2009, NGLTech is an international technology development and engineering company incorporated in Malaysia providing engineering services and turnkey delivery for our proprietary technology technologies and process systems for the Oil & Gas and related industries.

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