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bMark Oil & Gas Benchmarking

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Advanced upstream data analytics and AI

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

bMark™ is an intuitive data analytics software tool, trusted around the world by oil and gas decision-makers to inform portfolio optimisation decisions. bMark™ allows users to discover global oil & gas field data thanks to its unique analogue database of 48,000+ fields and 4,600+ production profiles. In-built analysis, mapping and plotting features minimise time spent handling data compared to traditional methods giving your technical team more time to gain insights. 

bMark™ unique built-in machine learning benchmarks allow users to predict reserves, optimise developments and analyse oil and gas portfolio performance quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

Empower your technical teams today!


Rapidly identify underperforming reservoirs thus improving efficiencies when allocating resources
Provides clarity for commercial teams responsible for key financial decisions: identify M&A targets and ensure investments/divestments are correctly valued
Validate/QC reserves bookings, data forecasts and development plans against global analogues. This removes any personal bias
Easy to use, intuitive graphic interface
Regular updates to global analogue database and production history profiles
Fully integrated GIS interface
Saves time and cost of manual analysis
Functionality allows import of own data, securely and quickly
Production profiles forecasting analytics
Easy access to industry-recognized open source field reports via hyperlinks
Access to expertise from in-house subsurface technical team
May challenge current working methods but ultimately offers unrivalled intelligence to users


Areas of Application Oil & Gas: Technical Assurance QC gate across exploration | Field development planning | Portfolio management | Board reporting | M&A Reserves Resource Booking.
Compliance Allows independent assessment/QC and audit of reserves reporting.
Impact bMark™’s global data, combined with its proprietary machine learning benchmarks, offers clients unrivalled knowledge to maximise returns from oil and gas portfolios.
Input Import own data securely and fully encrypted. Apply filters to analyse data accurately and rapidly.
Insight Gives strategic insight on where to prioritise investment and improvement of development strategies.
Output Create clear, customisable plots to export to presentations for Executive level communication.
Services Upstream technical support for E&P lifecycle projects, data analytics consultancy, portfolio-wide benchmarking studies, bMark™ training courses.

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Operations Manager


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Operations Manager


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About Belltree Limited

Belltree Limited is a Scottish business with more than 13 years experience specialising in the provision of upstream oil and gas technical services across the E&P lifecycle. Belltree has worked with companies of all sizes from Midcaps to National Oil Companies and Government Regulators.

Belltree launched bMark™ in 2015, since then the innovative software has empowered technical teams located all over the world delivering global O&G analogues data & machine-learning algorithms directly to their desktops.

+44 (0)131 225 3796
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