3D/4D Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling

Faster, cheaper and more accurate than current industry methods

Innovative Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling is faster, cheaper and more accurate than current industry methods using averages, stochastic and conceptual models. The process is calibrated to existing well(s) and blind tested against new or existing wells to validate the model. No other process does this. Hydrocarbon In-place  and ultimate production volumes can be determined enabling flushed and virgin hydrocarbon zones to be identified. 


Innovative Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling is faster (2-4 weeks not 6 months), cheaper and more accurate (less uncertainty) than current industry methods.
The reservoir Petrophysical properties are calculated and constrained/referenced to the 3D seismic trace/impedance. This removes cognitive/conceptual biasing.
Science, physics and mathematical relationships are used rather than conceptual/statistical models based upon averages. This increases accuracy.
Blind test predictions with new or existing well(s). This validates the model.
The additional 4D Seismic imbibition methodology is used to determine producible volumes and identify areas of flush and virgin hydrocarbons in producing fields.
Property prediction is limited by the Seismic survey area.


Accuracy 10-20% property uncertainty
Areas of Application Any subsurface hydrocarbon field where Seismic and Petrophysical well data exists
Capabilities Faster, cheaper and more accurate 3D modelling than current industry methods
Connectivity Available for any industry software modelling package and petrophysical package.
Cost Reduced Capex, increased NPV, revenue years in advance.
Exploration Process can determine in-place and ultimate production volumes thus enabling virgin and flushed zones to be identified
Input 3D Seismic survey or Inversion data and well log data is required
Output 3D Petrophysical Property Modelling
Runtime 2-4 weeks to process rather than 2-3 months or more
Validation Blind testing against existing or new well data. No other process does this.

About IRPM

IRPM (Innovative Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling) was founded in August 2015 by Wesley Emery a Petrophysical Consultant with 29 years of international experience in the Oil and Gas industry. IRPM offers 3 dimensional Petrophysical modelling. In addition services are available for clastic and carbonate Petrophysical evaluations, uncertainty and up scaling determinations, saturation height modelling, permeability modelling and evaluations of in place and producible volumes, by passed pay and flushed zones for brown fields.

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