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The next-generation seismic reservoir characterisation technology

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October 31 2023

Wave-Equation Based Amplitude Versus Offset (WEB-AVO) translates migrated seismic data into elastic reservoir models using a unique physical data model. It is the only AVO technology that properly accounts for multiples, mode conversions and transmission effects and in combination with its innovative parameterisation, it represents the high-tech seismic solution for risk reduction and return maximisation of Exploration & Production, geothermal but also CO2 storage projects.


Three times more sensitive to hydrocarbon saturation and lithology changes when compared to conventional solutions
Most realistic AVO data model
Unique parameterisation, solving for compressibility and shear compliance
Computationally more expensive


Accuracy High due to the wave-equation based data model.
Areas of Application Oil and gas (exploration, appraisal, development, production), Geothermal and Underground CO2 storage.
Impact Reduce OPEX, Increase Production, Increase recovery and Improve personal safety.
Implementation time 2-3 months
Input Pre-stack migrated seismic data, well logs and horizon data.
Output Elastic reservoir models (compressibility, shear compliance, density).
Runtime Several times slower compared to conventional AVO tools.

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Delft Inversion is a service company specialised in seismic reservoir characterisation. The company was established in 2012 and by today its proprietary WEB-AVO technology has successfully added value to subsurface projects in 25+ geological plays around the globe.

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