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Petroleum Engineering & Economics Essentials

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Tools and techniques to evaluate (un)conventional wells and reservoirs

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May 22 2023

Petroleum Engineering & Economics Essentials (PE2 Essentials) is a comprehensive suite of cost-effective tools comprised of reservoir engineering, production engineering, reservoir simulation, and petroleum economics tools.

The tools include the LeBlanc Fractured Well Type Curves (SPE 144093, 2011); the LeBlanc-Okouma Power Law (LOPL) DCA model (World Oil, March 2018); and the LeBlanc Artificial Neural Network Recovery Factor model (World Oil, March 2019).


Fully integrated package
Includes a production database for secure storage of all raw production data
Standard & consistent economic data for portfolio management
Secure & scalable
Efficient, flexible, and extensible
Cost effective
Benchmarked with other industry tools
Includes the LeBlanc-Okouma Power Law DCA model (World Oil, March 2018)
Monte Carlo techniques and Artificial Neural Network Recovery Factor model (World Oil, March 2019)
Individual tools may not be as feature-ridden as some commercial packages


Areas of Application Unconventional/Conventional Onshore and Offshore | Oil | Gas wells and reservoirs
Capabilities Includes basic versions of software tools that are appropriate for quick-look as well as in-depth analysis.
Data Analysis Production Data Analysis (PDA) is a general rate-time analysis tool which is also the integrator of all the tools.
Database A proprietary production database for storage of all raw production data and | A tools database for storage of all models and forecast data
Economic Tools Scoping/what-if project economics | Companies and Assets Performance Evaluation (CAPE) including PSC fiscal regime
Engineering Tools PVT/Rel Perm Generator | EOS | Monte Carlo Volumetrics | DCA | Monte Carlo DCA | Material Balance | Log Analysis | Recovery Factor Analysis | Pressure Build-up Analysis
Product Hydraulic Fracture Design | THP-to-BHP | EOR Screening | IOR/EOR/Heavy Oil| Artificial Lift Design | Field Development Planning
Simulation Tools Analytical and Numerical Simulators | Streamtube Miscible/Immiscible CO2/WAG Waterflood Simulator | Unconventional Simulator

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About Eastex Petroleum Consultants Inc

EASTEX PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS Inc. (EPCI) was federally incorporated in Canada in 1986 and re-registered in 2004 as a Nova Scotia-based consulting firm and provides Reservoir Engineering and Production Engineering services to the international petroleum industry.

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