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Simulation techniques by modern machine learning

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August 4 2023

Traditional reservoir simulation approaches are time-consuming and can quickly fall out of date as new production and operation data becomes available. Resulting in a sub-optimal short cut in between model updates and inconsistencies in production forecasting.

The MEERA Ecosystem is a digital workspace for realizing transformational, enterprise workflows.  Built on top of cloud application architecture and deployed on a private, public, or hybrid cloud, the ecosystem is an interactive, multi-user environment that supports seamless workflows across business process silos.


Significant time and costs savings to your petroleum engineering staff
Better predictions due to lower dependency on uncertain or unavailable data
Locate remaining oil for improved development optimization decisions
Update production forecasts using your latest available data and a machine learning model
Import your dynamic model from industry standard reservoir simulators
Data mining determines which parameters most influence production behavior
All production and well activity data are used during machine learning and predictive modeling
Interactive data visualization with 3-D displays and advanced data validation
Requires dynamic models created in other industry simulators as input


Accuracy Artificial intelligence mitigates impact of uncertainties.
Areas of Application Production forecasting.
Capabilities Combines conventional simulation techniques with modern machine learning approaches.
Connectivity Import your dynamic model from industry standard reservoir simulators.
Control of Process flow ​​​​​​​The history is matched better than with the traditional commercial simulator and in particular, the “blind test” prediction for some wells is better than the traditional simulation HM of the same wells.
Implementation time History simulation takes 12 minutes.
Product Software
Reporting Seconds with full BI analytics, reporting and graphing.
Speed Each prediction simulation takes 50-70 milliseconds.
Usability Leading UI for ease of use.


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