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The pre & post processor for reservoir simulation

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August 4 2023

RE-Studio is the most performing environment for high quality reservoir simulation for every reservoir engineer involved in hydrocarbon dynamic flow simulation, with oil and gas industry standard simulators.

RE-Studio targets different business simulators, such as Schlumberger ECLIPSE (E100 and E300), INTERSECT, RFD t-Navigator, Landmark Nexus, CMG Imex, Stars and Gem and Stoneridge Echelon.

RE-Studio is a pre & post processor designed specifically to be the daily simulation interface for reservoir engineers. It is based on modules that can be selected to best fit your needs.


Time saving
Increase efficiency
Standardized workflow when using multi-simulators
Cost optimization
Fast learning curve
Not compatible with MoRes


Areas of Application Oil and Gas (reservoir simulation).
Compatibility Eclipse, Intersect, tNav, CMG, Nexus, Tough2 and Echelon.
Impact Save time, increase productivity, better in-depth analysis & quality control, ease workflow and optimise software cost.
Implementation time 1 month


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Amarile is an innovative company helping reservoir engineers speed up and improve the quality of their field dynamic simulation workflow. RE-Studio has been developed based on the extensive experience of the founder of the company – Arnaud Brunel – who was previously a Reservoir Engineer at Total. RE-Studio has been designed by Reservoir Engineers for Reservoir Engineers. Amarile is supported by the Paris & Companies consortium and by Total Development agency. The French Innovation Agency BPI France also supports Amarile.

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