Frack Less – Produce More

Amros Corporation’s breakthrough ShaleVision™ technology identifies the highest producing zones in shale plays using only open-hole log data, providing operators with optimum locations and trajectories for horizontal wells to maximize profitability and avoid drilling low-productive wells, reducing development cost and environmental impact. It provides also key information to optimize well spacing. When combined with data from surrounding vertical wells, ShaleVision™ identifies the best formations and optimum trajectories for horizontal wells along with estimates of production. 


Generate Production Profile, that accurately predicts production along the entire well in barrels per day per 100 feet.
Identifies locations of the best formations and zones
Generate Production maps for the best formations
Recommended trajectories for horizontal wells with initial production estimates
Provides key information to optimize well spacing.
Requested standard open-hole log data as input


Areas of Application Shale acquisition | Optimization shale fields development
Capabilities Technology is fully developed | Available now
Implementation time One – two weeks to tune to new field
Input Standard open-hole log data | Well production history | Any direct measurements like well testing, core or cutting analyses, etc.
Response time One day to process one or few wells
Return on Investment More than 1,000% rate of return

About Amros Corporation

Since 1994 Amros Corporation has been providing innovative geoscience solutions to help operators optimize the development of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs around the world. These have included solutions for direct hydrocarbon identification using seismic data, joint petrophysical and seismic interpretation, formation evaluation for heavy oil and marine littoral shale deposits, and many others where we have extracted maximum value from data to support informed decision making and optimized operations.  

In 2013 Amros Corporation introduced ShaleVision™, our proprietary technology based on decades of research and analysis that identifies the highest producing zones in shale plays, allowing operators to target the best-producing zones and avoid the cost of drilling low productive wells.

Frack Less – Produce More

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