Intelligent Coring System

The first core drilling technology to offer real time formation evaluation and selective coring

The Intelligent Coring System (ICS) is a modular, fully instrumented core drilling assembly. The system features high performance electrical connections, power generation, data processing and storage, and two-way data communication to surface. The Logging While Coring (LWC) module provides essential real-time logging information of the core, including Gamma Ray, resistivity, temperature, vibrations and inner barrel stall detection. The Internal Drilling Device module allows switching between drilling and coring modes, reducing costly round trips to change the Bottom Hole Assembly.

Video - CoreAll Intelligent Coring System 2018


Logging while coring in real time
High resolution formation evaluation data on the core
Switch between coring and drilling mode
Fewer round trips to change Bottom Hole Assembly
Slightly reduced core diameter


Areas of Application Exploration drilling | Appraisal drilling | Coring | Logging
Capabilities Logging While Coring, real time data transmission, selective coring and drilling
Certifications / licences No licenses at present
Compliance No particular compliance relevance
Connectivity Downhole data logging in real time while coring, data transmission to surface
Measurement Gamma ray, resistivity, inclination, temperature, vibration/ shock
Modular design Logging-while-coring module and optional drilling module
Sizes 3 inch core diameter with 7.25 inch tool size for 8.375 – 9.5 inch hole size
Temperature 150 degrees C operating, 175 degrees C survival

About CoreAll

CoreAll is developing the next generation core drilling solutions for the E&P industry. Although core drilling has been around for many decades, some challenges still remain, including a lack of real-time information about the subsurface, and time-consuming round trips to change the drilling equipment. CoreAll’s Intelligent Coring System addresses these challenges. With offices currently in Norway and in Houston, Texas, CoreAll is building an international presence in exploration and appraisal drilling.

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