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Game Artificial Intelligence for Complex Decision Making

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Better and faster decisions across the value chain

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November 25 2022

One of the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments, Game AI, mimics human ability to learn from experience and has become famous for achieving superhuman performance in sophisticated games such as Chess, Go and Poker. 

White Space Energy delivers step changes in decision speed and quality by translating complex business problems in Games and analysing these with the latest AI.

The company delivers custom-built web applications as decision support solutions.


Optimised plans for different value drivers
Visibility of the full option space
Quantification of trade offs and opinions
Immediate return on investment through better decisions
Enabling much stronger collaboration
Wide range of applications
Fast iterations
New solutions like this also needs to be accompanied by behavioural changes – offered by White Space as part of the service


Areas of Application Well planning, Field Development Planning, Rig Sequence management, Portfolio planning, Maintenance optimisation, Logistics, Supply Chain, Turnaround planning, Decommissioning planning.
Capabilities Bespoke applications of the latest AI technology to speed up and improve quality of complex decision-making. Redefines the existing iterative/manual planning workflows and replaces planning sheets that do not have strength to deal with complex situations.
CAPEX Millions of well CAPEX savings
Impact Examples: 10 times faster well maturation timelines, 30-40% more efficient use of maintenance resources, tens of millions of OPEX savings in late life asset decommissioning.
Services Value add as consulting service, or implemented as bespoke AI software. Delivered in a phased manner that allows clients to sample the technology with limited risk and financial commitment. First phase results available in 3-4 weeks.
Versatility AI delivered by industry insiders, bespoke and transparent solutions co-created with end-users, immediate return on investment by enabling faster and better decisions.

Relative Business Impact

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About White Space Energy

White Space Energy delivers state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions to enable radically better business decisions

We are a team of industry insiders with a unique combination of AI skills and global technical & leadership experience in Geoscience, Wells, Reservoir Engineering, Reserves Evaluation, Project- and Asset management, Decision Science and facilitation.

Our approach demonstrates that augmented decision making through Game AI can add significant business value and truly transform the ways of working in our industry, while humans remain in control.

White Space Energy is winner of the Shell Digitalisation Award (2018), “Most Promising Start Up” at the 3rd IIOT & Digital solutions for Oil & Gas (2019) and “Most Innovative Company” at Go Digital Oil & Gas Middle East (2020)

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