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Production forecasting system

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October 31 2023

FUTURE is the world's first true general-purpose oil/gas production forecasting system. It is the first system that, in a few minutes, can run full oil/gas integrated asset model calculations for large systems with the daily time-steps needed for short-term forecasting.

FUTURE is a single system that replaces confusing mixes of over-lapping software - the DCA application, IAM software, business planning spreadsheet, STPF system etc.

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Better, more auditable forecasts
Easy to use
Reduces duplication
Saves precious time
Value for money
Not a replacement for simulation (but rather the most effective post-simulation system)


Areas of Application Short/Medium/Long-term production forecasting.
Capabilities Full integrated asset model calculations with 1000s of wells. High performance database structure. Interactive decline analysis. Material balance. Facility constraints. Pipeline pressure drops. Pipeline velocity limits. Stochastic calculations.
Certifications / licences Passed IT system acceptance tests of Shell, Total, Maersk etc.
Compliance Fully compatible with SPE Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS).
Database Support for Oracle, SqlServer, SQLite, Access.
Deployment Microsoft ClickOnce (web-deployed, with automatic updating).
System Requirements Windows 7 or later | 8 GB RAM | 4 processors

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Serafim Ltd specialises in applying mathematics and mathematical reasoning to understand and solve practical problems in reservoir engineering and software development. From when we were founded in 2000, we have always tried to base our work on the techniques used in scientific and mathematical research. Our reservoir engineering work has led us to develop the FUTURE software system. The support and further development of FUTURE is currently our main focus of effort.

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