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Unique water shut off technology

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November 8 2023

Unwanted water production is one of the biggest challenges when optimising hydrocarbon production from a well. Aubin has developed XMAX to enable water shut-off downhole, improving field economics and creating value for operators.

XMAX offers an easy-to-deploy solution for zonal isolation, creating a permanent barrier in the reservoir. By placing the barrier within the reservoir, issues such as water bypass and coning can be delayed or prevented, and the full wellbore diameter is maintained following treatment, offering a significant advantage for potential future wellbore operations. XMAX uses environmentally acceptable components and is deployed using established techniques similar to those used for scale squeezes, acid stimulation, or other chemical treatments, making it a low-risk solution for water shut-off.


Uses safe and environmentally friendly chemicals
Full wellbore diameter is maintained following the treatment
Deployed using standard well intervention technologies
Prevents/delays issues associated with wellbore water shut-off methods, such as water coning and bypass.
Not suitable for comingled oil and water producing zones


Capabilities Reduces formation permeability by creating scale in pore throats and stopping water production.
Certifications/ Licenses CEFAS registered with good environmental profile.
Compliance CEFAS registered, REACH compliant.
Cost Significant cost reduction potential due to permanent nature.
Impact Alternative approach to water shut-off technology, reducing costs and risks.
Material Barrier created from well understood material, known to the industry.
Patents Patents pending.

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