Hydrogen Production, Storage and Power Generation Technologies

OCTOBER 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight


Hydrogen is gaining momentum these days given its huge potential as a clean energy solution. In fact, the International Energy Association (IEA) has recently released a report which looks at hydrogen as a key piece in the puzzle towards decarbonisation. As the IEA notes: “using low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia in fossil fuel power plants can play an important role to help ensure electricity security in clean energy transitions.”

As such, we are highlighting hydrogen production, storage and power generation technologies on the platform for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight. In this list, you will find novel and proven technologies with technology readiness levels ranging from 7 to 9. 

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Highlighted Technology

Zepp Hybrid Systems

Hydrogen fuel cells for clean, mobile power generation | TRL 7

To configure the optimum zero-emission power-system for our clients, Zepp.solutions develops custom fuel cell hybrid systems, combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with a small battery energy storage. This battery energy storage acts as a buffer between the fuel cell and the powered application.



Hydrogen and CO₂ treatment | Skid-mounted solutions to any Hydrogen or CO₂ treatment challenge

Frames Renewables’ broad portfolio covers molecular sieves, solid bed scavengers and catalysts, TEG dehydration, and its unique LAMINOL® desulfurization process.

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MAGNETO Electrodes for Hydrogen | The best electrodes for your green hydrogen electrolyzer

MAGNETO now offers electrocatalytically activated nickel and titanium electrodes for both alkaline and PEM electrolyzers that will help you reduce the overall energy consumption of your hydrogen generators.

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Type 2-s Cylinders for Gas Storage 5 | A better way to storage energy

Type 2-s Cylinders are for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Hydrogen Storage. WireTough Cylinders’ patented, proprietary technology gives a strong, durable, and certified cylinder that is lighter than a Type I, stronger than a Type II, and more economical than a Type III or IV.

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HBr Flow Batteries | Electricity Storage at an unrivalled cost level

The choice for hydrogen and bromine is purely driven by Elestor’s mission to build a storage system with the lowest possible storage costs per kWh. While taking full advantage of the typical flow battery features, this mission cannot be accomplished without an inexpensive chemistry.

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SoluForce Hydrogen Tight | Sustainable flexible pipes for hydrogen transport

SoluForce has developed a spoolable Reinforced Thermoplastic industrial Piping system (RTP or FCP) for hydrogen applications. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first.

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Globo Hydro Power™ | Safe & Efficient Hydrogen Hybrid System

Globo Hydro Power™ is a technology that upgrades traditional engines into a hydrogen hybrid engine. Product installation is suitable for buses, coaches, heavy equipment, and power generators.

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LuLu Hydrogen Generator | Abundant green electricity everywhere with LuLu

LuLu is a plug & play PEM fuel cell integrated in an electric van. It can be connected to any external green hydrogen source. Together they deliver green electricity via a powerlock system.

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Hydrogen Electrolyzer Packages | Turnkey solutions to generate hydrogen from renewable power and water

Frames Renewables designs, builds and supplies plug and play systems for producing green hydrogen. With decades of experience with system integration, gas treatment and electrolyzers, it provides a fitting solution and the lowest total cost of ownership for each use case.

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PEM Fuel Cells | Sustainable power generation

Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM Fuel Cells are considered to be the most versatile type of fuel cells currently in production. They produce the most power for a given weight or volume of fuel cell. 

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Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression and Purification (EHPC) | The new standard in hydrogen compression

HyET Hydrogen supplies complete hydrogen compression and purification units. Our modular design allows us to build units exactly tailored to customer applications. Additionally, this modularity allows for incremental capacity increases should demand for compressed and/or purified hydrogen increase over time.

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