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Hydrogen and CO₂ treatment

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Skid-mounted solutions to any Hydrogen or CO₂ treatment challenge

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:40

With over three decades of experience as an integrator for gas treatment systems, we provide a fitting solution for every Hydrogen and CO2 treatment challenge. Hydrogen de-oxygenation, deep dehydration, CO2 desulfurization, de-oxygenation and dehydration: we select the right technology for your application. Our broad portfolio covers molecular sieves, solid bed scavengers and catalysts, TEG dehydration, and our unique LAMINOL® desulfurization process. Frames is a world class supplier of dehydration systems based on TEG - a highly cost effective (both CAPEX and OPEX) continuous process.


Over three decades of experience in gas treatment
All required knowhow in-house to design, build, deliver, commission and startup our packages
Experts in cost-efficient TEG based dehydration
Database of hundreds of projects and designs allows for swift engineering definition of system
Global supply chain and office network allows for cost-effective delivery and local support
Skid-mounted designs and full in-factory assembly and testing reduces costs and risks associated with site works
No off-the-shelf packages available, our systems are built-to-order only
Our business model is to design and supply equipment; we do not offer “engineering only” studies or licensed designs


Capabilities CO₂ desulfurization, dehydration, de-oxygenation of hydrogen and CO₂.
Areas of Application Onshore, offshore or floating.
Compliance Compliance to any client or regulatory standard.
Output Design to specification with full guarantees, deep removal of oxygen, water or H₂S possible.
Application CCS/CCU, bio-fuels, refineries, ammonia generation, green or blue hydrogen production.

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About Frames Renewables

Frames Renewables assists its clients to reduce CO2 footprint, turn waste into value or switch to sustainable energy sources. We have a broad portfolio of Hydrogen generation, storage and fuelling, Biogas upgrading and Carbon Capture solutions. With 35 years of experience as a modular system integrator, we deliver smart, reliable and state of the art systems. Our services are performed by engineers with years of experience in the energy industry.

+31 172 461600
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