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Hydrogen fuel cells for clean, mobile power generation

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August 4 2023

At zepp.solutions, we develop and supply fuel cell systems for various applications based on our scalable technology platform.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is especially attractive for applications that combine a demand for high continuous power output with long operational uptimes. Current alternative energy storage systems, such as battery technology, require long charging times and the costs of these systems scale linearly with the required energy content. Twice the amount of energy requires twice the amount of batteries, costing twice as much. For hydrogen-electric systems, only the amount of hydrogen storage has to be doubled, the fuel cell remains the same. Additionally, these operations benefit strongly from the quick refuelling capabilities hydrogen fuel cell systems offer.

To configure the optimum zero-emission power-system for our clients, we develop custom fuel cell hybrid systems, combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with a small battery energy storage. This battery energy storage acts as a buffer between the fuel cell and the powered application.

The results are uniquely designed fuel cell hybrid systems combining the best of both hydrogen and batteries, allowing for short refuelling times and long continuous operations at high energy demands, while being able to facilitate high peak loads without delay at a competitive overall system cost. The configuration, integration, production and operational control of these client-specific systems are our key competence.


Quick refuelling capabilities
Long continuous operations
High utilisation rates
Facilitates high peak loads
Competitive overall system cost
Renewable power
Zero emissions
Requires hydrogen refueling infrastructure


Areas of Application Logistics & Material handling | Maritime | Public Transport | Backup Power | Off-grid Power | Heavy Duty
Capabilities We develop and produce full fuel cell powertrains, from concept to operation.
Integration We integrate hydrogen fuel cell technology into your application.
Preparation zepp.solutions fuel cell systems are developed based on an analysis of the application’s power profile and boundary conditions. Optimised for TCO, CAPEX or a combination of both, suited to customer-specific wishes.

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Zepp.solutions is a young Dutch company specialised in fuel cell technology. We are specialised in creating fuel cell modules that fully integrate everything that is needed to use hydrogen as the power source in any application, ranging from control hard- and software to a DCDC converter for high voltage applications. Using our modules, integrating a hydrogen-powertrain into your application no longer requires extensive in-house hydrogen knowledge or spending the large amounts of time and money associated with hydrogen R&D.

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