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Reliable vertical axis water turbine with increased efficiency

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April 11 2024

Vertical Axis Water Turbines of Water2Energy have foils connected to a central vertical shaft that protrudes the waterline, so vital components like the gearbox and generator are above the water surface. This reduces the requirements for the watertightness and sealings, reducing the costs of these components significantly. Foils have a very cost effective standard and constant cross section. Since the gearbox and generator are easily accessible, maintenance will be more cost effective too. In addition W2E has a system for pitch control of the vertical foils, thus further improving the efficiencies of the turbine. Pitch control was tested on fish friendliness during the international Pro-tide program. Till recently, the abnormal fish mortality up to 20% (In the older Kaplan-turbines) is still accepted, but the turbine of Water2Energy showed a fish mortality lower than 1%, conform upcoming regulations.

Pros & Limitations
Since the foils have a standard and constant cross section, they can be fabricated very cost effective
Pitch control is developed for maximum efficiency
Fish friendly i.e. the turbine of Water2Energy shows a fish mortality lower than 1%
Robust design and build of the turbines
The turbine can be adapted to a wide range of existing constructions
Relatively new technology, demonstrated but limited long term operational experience
Specification Title Specification Description
Lower (maintenance) costs of vital parts above water and a standard and constant cross section of the vertical foils.
Due to its geometry, the turbine is easily scalable. Turbines of 1 x 1 meter, 1.5 x 2 meter, 2 x 2 meter and 2 x 4 meter were tested.
The pitch control enables energy extraction at lower cut in speed and from water currents at lower speeds.


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W2E designs and builds water turbines. Proven technology for locks, docks and dams or open water. Robust, efficient and fish friendly. The W2E-team builds on years of experience in tidal energy and offshore engineering. They develop a range of turbines which produce energy at a cost level almost competitive to solar or wind energy but completely reliable and predictable.

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