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Modular Build Hydropower Plant

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August 4 2023

The Oryon Watermill is the ultimate solution for generating electricity out of low head hydro power, likes rivers, small dams or tidal energy. Due to its innovative design the turbine is self-starting and operates in any flow direction, which makes it very suitable among others for tidal currents.

Free flow: In remote areas, decentralized energy generation is a key solution, generating energy close to the consumer in combination with a local smartgrid. The Oryon Watermill Twin Cat system provides 24/7 electricity generation for off/on grid communities. The innovative design with modulair ballast tanks, the installation is operational within 48h without the need for extensive civil structures. The Twin Cat can be transported over land and water. Service and maintenance can be done locally and the system can be monitored via the internet.

Forced flow: In places where water levels are controlled by weirs, there is an abundancy of available energy. The Oryon Watermill, suitable for head above 1m is the most efficient and 100% fish-friendly solution up to a fall height of 5 meters. This affordable hydropower solution makes use of the available civil structures.


Capacity from 10 kW to 10 MW, with single mills or a grid configuration
Adaptable to any water flow profile and local situation
Customized design for optimal energy output
Estimated technical useful life 30 years
Suitable for water current from 1 meter per second
Cost per kWh from €0,04
No damage to ecosystem, no landscape pollution
Proven 100% fish-friendly
New innovative product – limited track record
Lower turbine efficiency than high head turbines


Applicability With its adjustable diameter and height, Oryon Watermill will always fit your location.
Cost Always an affordable levelized costs of energy.
Environment 100% fish friendly | Installed with minimal civil works, thus a minimum impact on the local environment.
Impact Contributes to local employment by training local people to install, build, maintain and operate Oryon Watermill.
Integration Applications in a dam, free flow or tidal energy.
Operating conditions Operating range for water velocity of 1 to 10 m/s.
Power Power output from 50 up to 3000 kW per unit; modular design allows for customer-specific selection of generators.

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The Oryon Watermill is an innovative hydro power plant which generates sustainable energy from running water. This watermill is distinguished from other installations in its constant, high return and its 100% fish-friendliness. The Oryon Watermill generates electricity from all kinds of running water between 1 and 10 meters per second. With a minimum impact on the local environment, always a tailormade solution for affordable, predictable and renewable energy.

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