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Pumped/Turbine Hydro Electric Storage System

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Combining Dutch water management expertise with renewable energy in a whole new concept

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Friday, November 5, 2021 - 15:50

Delta21 has been developed as a solution for Water Safety, Energy Storage & Nature Restoration and Recovery. This solution is currently being developed for the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands, and can be further replicated with the necessary design adjustments worldwide in areas with estuaries and flood risk areas.

Delta21 is a high water defence and an energy storage system built comprising a row of dunes and a lake of approximately 20 km2, with a pumping station and a lockable barrier. The dunes together with the lockable barrier are designed to provide sufficient protection against high seawater levels till the end of this century. The pumping station will have ample capacity to pump excess discharges of riverwater into the sea. Under normal climate conditions the lake can be used as a Pumped Hydro Storage facility with a capacity of 1,8 GWe.


High profit profile for offering electricty storage services
Storage enables considerable reduction of renewable energy to be installed and increases the occupancy rate of the existing capacity
Better and more secure high water defence system for this century
Building with nature by using the sand out of the lake for the construction of the dunes
Considerable savings on the cost of dyke raising
€ 4 billion reduction in dyke strengthening cost and € 5 billion reduction in electricty plant investements
Improvement of the failure rate for flood safety with a factor of 50
Difficult decision and appoval schemes for the central government and the local governements because of the integrated project approach


Applicability Worldwide applicable in areas with estuaries and flood risk areas.
Business Efficiency Multi functional use of space, creating new business opportunities.
Capabilities Pump and turbine technology, dredging, civil engineering, electrical engineering, ecology, nature, aquaculture and fishery, etc.
Certification / licenses Permits and licenses for constrcution, environment, production, etc.
Compliance Minimization of CO2 footprint.
Environment Restoration of original estuary including the original water biotope and fish migration.
Optimization Optimization of different systems of sustainable energy, flood defense management, optimization of the ecological advantages.
Return on investment Overall pay back period less than 5 years, with a lifetime of 100 years.
Storage Total 1,8 GWe or 4,4 TWh per year

Relative Business Impact

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About Delta21 partnership

Delta21 is a partnership, supported by 18 sponsoring companies, providing support in money and “in kind”. Most of the research is done by students of the universities and young graduates, together with the processors. In the Netherlands the initiators of the partnership takes care of the relationship management with external parties. Abroad other structures are possible in close relationship with the sponsors.

Some of the best known sponsors are: PentairVan OordBoskalisDEMEVolkerWesselsSPIEBallast Nedam.


Alternative phone number: +31 650224942

+31 637644312
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