Clean alternative to diesel gensets

Transportable, autonomous energy container - the EnergyPod. The EnergyPod is a compact wind and solar-driven electrical generator that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. With a footprint of only 7.5m2, this 100% renewable energy generator with a unique combination of Amphibious Energy’s patented Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine, vertical orientated solar photovoltaic panels, and battery storage integrated with the container, therefore offering a unique all-in-one, plug and play unit. 
These electrical power generators are a sustainable alternative for diesel gensets while an Oil&Gas platform is in lighthouse mode. It fits perfectly in the ongoing energy transition and supporting the cost reduction CoP OpEx drive (running at half the cost of an equivalent diesel genset) for the late life- cycle for offshore assets due to be decommissioned.
We design, configure, and build our units to fit the platforms' load requirements before deployment. Therefore, these EnergyPods also reduce offshore installation time and costs by being all in one, plug-and-play single lift units. The self-sustainable unit includes remote monitoring of essential warning systems to ensure the fulfilment of the obstruction marking obligations for all offshore installations


100% Renewable Energy
Net-zero - CO2 and NOx reduction
Cuts OpEx costs - runs at half the cost of equivalent diesel genset
Autonomous operating with remote monitoring
All-in-one plug and play power generator
Larger than an equivalent sized diesel genset
Short battery live time (5-7years)
Currently only applicable for rig-safe zones


Areas of Application Oil&Gas: power supply for to be decommissioned platforms | Offshore wind: Power for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems and lights on transition pieces for offshore wind farms | Aquaculture: Support power for offshore fish farms
ATEX certified On request only
Certifications / licences DNV 2.7.1
Connectivity Sat-link or 4G
Dimension Footprint of only 7.5 m^2
Maintenance Every 12 to 18 months
Operating conditions -15°C to +45°C
Solar 6 - 12 PV panels, 300-400 Wp per panel
Storage 86 - 344 kWh | PowerSafe SBS EON batteries
Turbine Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine | 3 or 5 kW | Redundant, hydraulic brakes | Patented
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Maturity Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Amphibious Energy

Amphibious Energy is a renewable energy company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We specialize in designing autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators, that combine wind- and solar power with storage, in a compact and transportable manner. These first-of-its-kind electrical power generators- EnergyPods, are a sustainable, zero-emission alternative to diesel gensets, and offer affordable, reliable and modern energy.


Amphibious Energy support the following offshore industries off-grid load requirements:


Offshore Wind



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