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Mobile Electricity Generators with Renewable Energy

Reduce costs and help the environment using clean energy for your operations

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 16:32

Our equipment is meant to be used as your actual diesel gen-sets -on fixed installations and for your mobile operations- with the benefit of using only free and renewable energies; photovoltaic and eolic, and this results in significant cost reduction -fuel, logistics, maintenance, etc. Those units can be adapted to your particular business because of their modular design, you tell us the specs you need and we build the perfect unit for you.


Powerful, up to 120+ kWp per unit
Respectful for the environment, zero emissions
Modular design, customizable for each client specifications
Long lifetime, more than 25 years
Remote monitoring for an easier operational management
Easy deployment on the operations area, less than 16 hours even on the bigger units
Possibility to hybridize this technology with your current equipments
Easy maintenance
Semi-permanent application on the bigger units


Power From a 1 kWp to 120+ kWp. We offer a wide variety of set ups for our units and they focus only on whatever you need from them.
Environment All of our products are completely respectful with the environment. They produce zero CO2 emissions and zero pollution or smells, helping you to achieve better carbon footprint.
Modular design Our products are meant to be adaptable to our clients specifications. You can choose which characteristics are key for your business and customize your units as you want.
Runtime Made to endure. We are proud to tell you all of our products have a warranty for 25 years, meaning you won´t have to re invest on them for that time elapse. On some of the parts, this warranty is even longer.
Monitoring With our equipments everything is easier for you. All of our units have remote monitoring and they count with a communication system that allow you to reprogram it if its needed.
Deployment Easy deployment in less than 16 hours for the bigger units. Our units are designed to make your operations easier for you, even their deployment.
Compatibility It is possible to hybrize our equipment with your existing technology at your will. You can use your existing diesel genset as an emergency source of electricity.
Maintenance With our equipments you do not have to worry about manintenance nor refuelling. Just a quick cleaning on the PV panels two times a year and they are set and ready to continue reducing your electricity costs.
Packaging Designed to be shipped to every corner of the planet, our products are pre-installed and inserted on standard containers (20 or 40 feets). Some of our units have hydraulic legs and arm integrated on their structure

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About Kemtecnia

Kemtecnia is an engineering and R&D company focused on the renewables field. We have a background of expertise and excellence through the application of the best materials and cutting-edge technology in order to achieve the maximum grade of satisfaction for our clients. Our team is composed of a wide variety of professionals with proven experience and high-quality training.

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