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LuLu Hydrogen Generator

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Abundant green electricity everywhere with LuLu

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March 14 2023

LuLu is a plug & play PEM fuel cell integrated in an electric van. It can be connected to any external green hydrogen source. Together they deliver green electricity via a powerlock system.

It’s powerful, mobile and has an endless energy capacity to supply green electricity anywhere. Our hydrogen generator is the sustainable replacement for diesel generators.


Sustainable in the whole service/product cycle
Connect with 3rd party batteries and hydrogen tank
Decentralized energy storage
Hydrogen supply customizable to the wish of the customer
Fuel cell and fuel source separate
(Until now) more costly than conventional generators


Certification/ Licenses All certifications (CE, ADR).
Compliance According to current Dutch rules and regulations.
Capabilities Producing green electricity from a green hydrogen source.
Capacity Extendable to customer's desire. | Largest capacity available right now is 9000 kWh usable.
Efficiency 70% from Hydrogen to power.
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 °C
Environment No emissions of CO2, fine particles and nitrogen.
Connectivity Locally and distant monitoring and steering software and UI.

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Watermeln

Watermeln is a sustainable start-up founded by two young men. With our extensive knowledge of sustainability in the Netherlands, battery technology and hydrogen, we are ready for the future of smart energy.

It is our mission to make the Netherlands fully sustainable and energy independent. We do this with LuLu, the hydrogen generator. A direct solution for the nitrogen and CO2 emission problem.

Our whole service cycle is fully sustainable. This means zero emissions in the transportation, H2 production and operations.

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