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MAGNETO Electrodes for Hydrogen

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The best electrodes for your green hydrogen electrolyzer

Page last modified
March 30 2023

MAGNETO is the world’s leading manufacturer of electrodes for specialty applications such as impressed current cathodic protection, electroplating, water disinfection, etc. With a 65+ year history and a bright young mindset, MAGNETO now offers electrocatalytically activated nickel and titanium electrodes for both alkaline and PEM electrolyzers that will help you reduce the overall energy consumption of your hydrogen generators. Together we can create a cleaner and powerful future.


Consistent high quality performance over entire electrode life-span
Tubeable and long life-time of electrode
Lowest electrode overpotential and energy consumption in field
Products tailored to the size and shape you require
Multiple open structure substrates available from mesh to felt to foam to woven matter
Initial capex investments may be high for highly active electrocatalytic electrodes and will earn itself back over the course of their use (low opex)


Areas of Application Electrodes for PEM and/alkaline electrolyzers for green hydrogen generation
Material Titanium and nickel coated electrodes
Lifespan Long lifespan of products and operation (depending on application up to 50 years)
Components (Electrocatalytic coated) porous transport layers, current collectors, bipolar plates
Design Flexible and tailored

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About MAGNETO special anodes B.V.

Development, manufacturing and sales of titanium and nickel anodes with proprietary electrocatalytic coatings.
Applications in metalplating, cathodic protection, watertreatment, waterdisinfection and green hydrogen generation.

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