Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression and Purification (EHPC)

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The new standard in hydrogen compression

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August 4 2023

Electrochemical compression of hydrogen is based on the following mechanism: hydrogen is supplied to the anode side of the membrane surface where a platinum-alloy catalyst splits the molecule into protons. The electrons are transferred via an external circuit to the catalyst layer on the opposite side of the proton exchange membrane (PEM).

HyET Hydrogen supplies complete hydrogen compression and purification units. Our modular design allows us to build units exactly tailored to customer applications. Additionally, this modularity allows for incremental capacity increases should demand for compressed and/or purified hydrogen increase over time.


No moving parts - lower maintenance
High reliability and availability
Low energy consumption
No vibrations
Silent and safe operation
Compression in one stage (>90 MPa)
Pt catalyst is sensitive to the presence of hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide


Design Modular design | More stacks = more capacity
Efficiency Minimum: 2 kWh/kg | Maximum: 7 kWh/kg
Hydrogen Flow Rate Minimum: 1 Nm³/hr | Maximum: 2000 Nm³/hr
Pressure Input: 0.1 – 450 barg | Output: 30 – 900 barg
Size 19” cabinet(s) (< 20 Nm³/hr) | 10 ft container(s) (<2000 Nm³/hr)
Ambient Temperature All climates
Customizability Higher output pressure, alternative coolant and alternative installation areas possible.

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HyET develops technologies that enable the large-scale introduction of decentrally generated renewable energy. The group provides essential pieces of the puzzle to create performance and cost parity between renewable and traditional fossil energy applications.

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