Technologies in the Spotlight September 2021 | Safety Technologies for Facilities

Technologies in the Spotlight September 2021 | Safety Technologies for Facilities


Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is an utmost priority for every industrial organisation. This does not only ensure welfare of employees but also guarantees less downtime and no extra cost on insurance and other accident-related expenses.

There are several ways to maintain safety in facilities, from creating industry standards-compliant facilities to using high-grade tools and equipment. And in securing compliance to health and safety standards in facilities management, deploying the right technologies plays a key role.

So for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are featuring 11 amazing technologies that can improve, if not transform, health and safety standards in your company’s facilities. 

LOBO Advanced Work Platform System

10 times faster to assemble compared to traditional scaffolding

The LOBO System is a safe alternative to scaffolding, a versatile work platform that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems.


Other Safety Technologies for Facilities

Your smart pair of eyes on the water!

For a safer workplace and a lower downtime

Magnetic Robot Crawlers

CAROL Robotic Catalyst Unloading

Fouling Removal Robot

McNetiq Controlock

Robotic extensions of human operators to perform complex tasks remotely

Splash Zone Access Solutions

Rechargeable Floodlight

DuraLabel Kodiak

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