Technologies in the Spotlight August 2021 | Digital Twin Technologies

Technologies in the Spotlight August 2021 | Digital Twin Technologies


Digital twin technology is gaining widespread popularity given its ability to get real-time insights on physical assets and provide data to forecast future performance.

Much like a pairing of the virtual and physical world, digital twin is a virtual environment based on generated data from sensors attached to the systems. With consistent generation of data from the sensors and the computing power of the virtual environment, engineers are able to analyse the current and predict the future performance of systems. This way, companies are able to make informed operational decisions and optimise their assets. 

With the value that digital twin technologies can bring to companies, we are featuring them on this month’sTechnologies in the Spotlight. By clicking the photos of the technology, you will be directed to its tech page which contains key information, i.e. specifications, relative business impact, and deployment profile.

Below is a list of digital twin technologies you can find on


Industrial AI Driving Asset Uptime Reliability and Operational Efficiency

Delivering actionable insights through AI powered digital solutions across the Oil & Gas value chain. Cerebra drives actions on the field through use case specific “Digital Assistant” which combines sensor intelligence, video intelligence and edge intelligence.


Other Digital Twin Technologies


3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation | Surveying sites in days not years

Makoro™ | Accelerating asset performance for manufacturers, owners, and operators

Scenario Navigator | Turn your simulation model into a digital twin

360° Digital Twin and 3D Visualisation Solutions Visualisation of assets using 360° Digital Twin technology

3D Laser Scanning and As-Built Modelling Digital Twin | Capture, model and manage as-built plant information

ePAV | Reduce time and improve accuracy in digitizing information

Predictive Digital Twins for Asset Life Extension | Akselos’s top predictive power for digital twins

AssetBuilder | 3D visualisation software that efficiently creates digital twins of assets

3D Visualisation and Digital Twins | Using gaming technology

e-Wind | Integrated platform for operation & maintenance in offshore wind energy

Functional ‘Digital Twin’ Modelling | Verify design performance digitally

AssetHive | Low risk digital transformation

Digital Logistics for Cargo Operations | Automated planning, mapping and tracking of your shipments, cargo and deck utilization

Cosmo Tech Asset | Make the right investment for the right assets at the right time

APM Studio | Predictive Maintenance Software running on real-time data and analytics

Optimisation with Digital Twin | Efficient operator training, process optimization, commissioning & startups

Dropboard | Empowering the planner

Cumulus | Digital transformation platform

ANNEA - Predictive maintenance and underperformance detection | The next-generation predictive maintenance platform

INES -Intelligent Network Solution | The SaaS tool to optimise Utilities and Gas transport and distribution networks with AI

SentientSystem | Optimise the efficiency, behavior and lifespan of mission critical assets

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