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Safe & Efficient Hydrogen Hybrid System

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August 4 2023

Globo Hydro Power™ a technology that upgrades traditional engines into a hydrogen hybrid engine.

Product installation is suitable for buses, coaches, heavy equipment, and power generators.

Product benefits are fuel reduction and associated savings plus abatement of negative greenhouse gas emissions including Carbon and NOx.


Eliminates the need to replace a vehicle or equipment in order to achieve emissions reduction
Assists with compliance of new emissions standards
Saves up to 40% in fuel cost
More suitable for older styled engines due to their more prominent combustion inefficiencies


Installation Easily installed engine upgrade for traditional Petrol, LPG, and Diesel engines. Product installations conducted by GHP™ authorised product installers
Storage Exchangeable cylinders of hydrogen gas are conveniently fitted onto an engine becoming part of an engine’s operating system.
Availability Exchangeable cylinder readily available through local gas suppliers
Implementation Time GHP™ system is installed on-site at customer’s depot within a few hours minimising engine downtime.
Safety Hydrogen in a gaseous state is one of the safest fuels available. Hydrogen gas is scientifically classified as more stable and less toxic than fossil fuels such as Petrol, LPG, and Diesel

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The Globo Hydrogen Power Australia TA Hydrogen2Power company is the Australia and New Zealand Product Distributor for the new Green Technology known as Globo Hydro Power™. The Globo Hydro Power™ Technology is an Australian Innovation tested and proven to National and International Standards with Product Rollout for Heavy Vehicle Transportation Vehicles and Power Generators is occurring within Australia. Equally, it is suitable available for International IP Licensing and Customer Usage. The Globo Hydro Power™ Technology is also under review for addition to Coal Fired Power Stations for Australia and China.

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