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McNetiq Pipe Supports

The perfect alternative for welding or chemical anchorage

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Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 10:34

With McNetiq Pipe Supports, the installing can take place without halting any petroleum and chemical processing or tank storage operations. Being able to operate ATEX compliant, the standard components will allow you to install lines and pipe systems quickly. An additional benefit is that magnets do not affect the steel structurally, as welding can do.

Due to the magnetic forces, the systems can be used permanently. When intended to be used for a short period, then the McNetiq Pipe Supports have a clear advantage that they can be removed without the need for repairs of the original structure.

The basis of magnetic pipe support is the Rubber Block Magnet (RBM) – the blue blocks in the pipe support. The RBM is placed with an installation device. After installation, the RBM is tested with a special test device using an adjustable torque wrench.

We typically use rubber-based magnets to avoid damage to coatings and paint systems.


Fast and flexible installation without welding
Due to the magnetic forces, the systems can be used permanently
Works on all carbon steel surfaces
Patented Controlock system to measure effective force
Need a minimum of 4mm steel


Accuracy This technology gives 100% certainty about the exact capacity of the magnet anchor, duo to on-spot testing feature.
Areas of Application Fire extinguisher systems, Vapour return lines, and sensors.
ATEX certified Yes.
Capacity The capacity of the magnet depends on many aspects, such as the thickness of the steel wall and the size of the air gap.
Certification Dekra, Lloyd’s, DEBT.
Material Switchable permanent magnet.
Patents EN 795.
Safety Safe operations when working on flammable storage tanks because the use of welding or chemical is eliminated.
Training One-day training.

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About McNetiq Controlock

McNetiq developed its patented technology Controlock® that allows a safe securing of anchors on steel by using magnets. This technology is based on the ability to determine with certainty the effective load force of a magnetic connection on a steel surface. This is an absolute condition for a safe fixture since steel thickness, coatings, and air gaps are influencing the actual magnetic force. Controlock® technology is unique in enabling permanent or temporary magnetic connections. Using McNetiq's magnetic anchors with Controlock® can prevent welding or other -possibly permanently damaging- alternatives.

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