Track’em – Assets, Materials and Time Tracking

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Workforce productivity along with asset, equipment and material tracking platform

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August 4 2023

Drive Efficiency 
Replace your spreadsheets, paper forms and manual processes with a modern cloud-based platform to improve productivity and achieve your schedules on time.

Get Control 
Give stakeholders full control over materials, assets and activities of your projects anywhere at any time. Build credibility and trust with your clients and partners with accurate and up-to-date insights through the mobile app and online reporting.

Gain Visibility 
Provide your team and your stakeholders one source of truth about the location, status, condition, custody and history of every resource you need to get the job done.



Single source of truth about the location, status, condition, custody and history of every resource
Get real-time insights on all construction resources required to get a project done
Replace paper forms, use smart timesheets to get operational insights that drive team efficiency
Scalability: bring suppliers across the globe onto a single platform
Industry specialist and cloud-based platform
Visualise progress and risks with patented Building Information Modelling (BIM) Integration
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology may be more expensive than a barcode solution (we offer both)
In remote areas where there is no cell phone reception, database syncing may be delayed until a connection is re-established


Areas of Application Construction and engineering projects in the oil & gas, mining, resources, construction and engineering industry. Ideally suited to turnarounds and shutdowns.
CAD & BIM activities Visualise the progress and risks with patented BIM Integration, making it faster and easier for teams to access and act on progress updates from the field.
Capabilities Track the location, status and ownership of all assets required on construction projects. Activity & time tracking for supervisors, contractors, projects, project managers and employees. Manage all your time sheets, work orders and integrate with payrol.
Compliance Have an audit trail of all transactions, usage and locations of materials and equipment handling.
Connectivity Radio-frequency identification | Barcode | GPS | Payroll processors
Deduplicating documents Digitise your stocktakes, requisitions, materials movement, receipting, laydown yard management and supplier tracking onto visual dashboards.
Implementation time 1-4 weeks
Material Track the location, status and condition of materials via cloud-based platform.
Response time Immediate

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Track’em is an Australian based company that offers software solutions enabling businesses to track and manage equipment, tools, assets, people and productivity. With visibility into asset use, location and condition, businesses can leverage critical resource information to improve productivity and enhance efficiency. Track’em’s solution saves millions and reduces construction slippage by improving productivity & minimising loss of materials.

With a strong focus on the oil and gas industry, Track’em’s technology is implemented on the most complex oil and gas projects in the world with amazing results.

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