Digital Logistics for Cargo Operations

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Digital planning, mapping and tracking of your shipments, cargo and deck utilization

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April 11 2024

Keep an overview of all cargo movements within ports & terminals, transits between onshore base and offshore sites. Plan your cargo movements and lift sequences with intuitive drag and drop interface in your web browser.


The cargo is tracked using computer vision, utilizing a combination of unique features for each container, such as size, marks and corrosion and our proprietary AI-based optical character recognition (OCR), trained specifically for the end application and environment.

Digital Logistics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically track cargo movements between ports, vessels and offshore sites and platforms, including internal cargo movements. It automatically registers the exact locations of cargo on individual loading areas and vessel decks. Digital yard planning and location updates ensures maximum efficiency and operations.

Digital Logistics provides the tools and technology to move your logistics planning and operations into the autonomous age by providing tools for digital planning, automated tracking and reporting, with digital twins of your on- and offshore sites. No instrumentation of cargo is needed - tracking is performed using AI & cameras at cranes and reach stackers.

Pros & Limitations
Automated, digital tracking of cargo location
Digital planning of cargo locations at vessel deck, offshore sites and yards
Automatic vessel manifests
Digital twin visualizing all cargo at sites, on- and offshore
No instrumentation of cargo - only cameras on cranes and forklifts
Simulate and reserve cargo space on vessel, offshore sites and yards
Improved communication & efficiency between sites and roles
Reduced man-power by automating manual processes
May require changes to the work-processes of logistics personnel to obtain full effects.
Identification of certain cargo-units without distinct features may need occasional manual confirmation
Specification Title Specification Description
Improve utilization of logistical resources. Track and trace without instrumenting cargo.
Automated tracking of cargo location with contents.
Cargo handling
Digital lifting plans. Automated manifests with vision-based tracking.
Automatically updated digital twin of yard
Interactive 3D digital twin in web browser showing all your automatically tracked assets


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Safer and more efficient cargo handling - reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs and improve safety.

Optilift offers products for digitalized, remote controlled and autonomous cargo handling. With innovative software and unique AI technology, we contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment.

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