Lifting Support for Crane Operators

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Reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs and improve safety

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August 4 2023

Optilift offers products that improve safety, efficiency and logistics flow in cargo handling offshore.

Lifting Support product group is a set of decision support modules that can assist crane operators to perform lifting operations in a safer and more efficient way.

  • Motion Reporter: Measures the relative heave-movement on the vessel deck to reduce waiting for weather and helps avoid lifting in unsafe conditions.
  • Boom Tip Indicator: Indicates on the screen in the crane cabin exactly where on the vessel deck the cargo will land or be lifted from, where the hook will hit the cargo and helps crane operator avoiding lifting off with a pendulum movement.
  • Soft Lifting Assistant: Helps crane operator perform soft landing and lift-off by indicating the ideal timing based on real-time velocities at the exact lift-off/landing area.
  • People Detector: Detects people in the lifting area and alerts the crane operator and/or others of potentially dangerous situations.


Extended weather window for marginal lifts
Increased efficiency during lifting
Increased safety during lifting
Avoid lifting near or over people
Reduced CO2 emissions from faster turn-around times of supply vessels


Cargo handling Improved safety and efficiency for cargo handling
Safe operating Improved safety for lifting operations
Weight Extended weather window for heavy lifts
Compliance Ensure compliance for lifting operations
Capacity Improved capacity of cranes for lifting operations
Operating conditions Perform heavy lifts in higher sea states

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Safer and more efficient cargo handling - reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs and improve safety.

Optilift offers products for digitalized, remote controlled and autonomous cargo handling. With innovative software and unique AI technology, we contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment.

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