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Haptic Maritime Controls

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Increased safety and sustainability by using intuitive information transfer

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

By establishing an intuitive information transfer through forces and vibrations in maritime controls, Smart-Ship is contributing to increased safety, sustainability and efficiency. Our technology allows operators to focus on their tasks while receiving valuable information through the ships controls. Such as feeling thresholds or warning vibrations when the operator is encountering dangerous situations or simply communicating an eco-friendly sailing speed.

Since our solution is a combination of hard- and software it is very dynamic, e.g. it allows for:

  • Over-the-air updates: After a one-time installation of the hardware, there is no need to be aboard the ship for future alterations and testing of (new) functionalities.
  • High degree of autonomy: Through an intuitive user-interface, fleet managers and operators can adjust settings like friction levels, limit zones and warnings according to personal preference (both onboard and remotely).
  • Integration with third-party information systems: The haptic algorithm allows for integration with most third-party systems.


Intuitive (non-distractive) information transfer
Increased safety, sustainability and efficiency
Unlimited alterations after one-time hardware installation
Insightful dashboard including all operator inputs (i.e. sustainability scores and did the operator follow the advice or not and what did this result in)
Allows for personalisation per operator (friction levels, detents etc.)
Allows for integration with third-party information systems
Available for both retro-fits and new-builds
Enables for new technologies such as remote-control and hybrid/fully electric shipping by communicating valuable forces remotely and information on energy management
Not installed on a vessel yet
Limited to ships where there's more or less frequent interaction with the levers


Areas of Application Maritime | Ports | Mobility
Automation Moving towards shared- and remote-control.
Optimisation Increasing efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption.
Safety Communicating safe speed and navigational advice.
Prediction Predictive maintenance due to insight in thruster interaction.
Compatibility Compatible with several ship types, tugs, small fast, inland, dredging etc. as a retrofit solution.
Database Insightful database of operator and ship performance (and interaction with information systems).
Simulation Tools Increased efficiency during simulator trainings, due to replay scenario’s, remote feedback and master-slave instructor settings.

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Smart-Ship

Enabling a sustainable maritime future.

At Smart-Ship, we make force-feedback controls for the maritime industry. By bridging the gap in information transfer we aim to enable a sustainable maritime future with regard to people, the environment and equipment.

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