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Making lifting operations more efficient & safer for personnel

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May 4 2023

Roborigger is an automated lifting device which accurately rotates and holds loads in a specific orientation regardless of wind. No tag-lines are needed. It is a game-changer for lifting safety as personnel no longer need to be in a position where they can be injured by lifted loads. Roborigger is ideal for use on construction tower cranes and mobile cranes.

Roborigger boosts the productivity of crane operations by 10-30% and greatly extends the operating window for lifting loads with large windage. Roborigger is an inertial wireless load controlling system to rotate and orient crane loads.  Roborigger technology comes with internet-connected tracking software that collects data from every lift including time, weight, and the location of the loads being lifted.

Roborigger is recognized by the Western Australia’s WorkSafe as the Best Solution to a Workplace Health and Safety Risk and has won three awards at the WA Innovator of the Year 2019 including innovation in mining and oil and gas.


Rotates and holds crane loads in a specific orientation regardless of wind, no taglines are needed
Extends the operating window for lifting loads with large windage
Wireless release hook allows operators to release the load remotely
Wireless remote control with 100m min range
Designed to handle typical loads in winds up to 25-30km
Ability to have preset orientations to simplify repetitive operations
Battery operated with capability to last at least 12 hours
Camera with still image capture and video streaming capability
Cloud-based IoT customer platform records logistics and lifting operation which can be accessed from smartphones or computers
Size and height of Roborigger may be a limiting factor, requiring advance planning of lifting operations


Areas of Application Construction | Oil & Gas | Mining | Ports | Logistics
Connectivity 4G internet connectivity for online monitoring of load lifts and diagnostics.
Dimension AR10 and AR15 Module: 1.4m (D) x 1.8m (H) | ARM1500-20: 1.5m (W) x 1.5m (L) x 1.0m (H) (module size) | 2.1m (W) x 1.5m (L) x 1.8m (H) (with lift frame)
Frequency Wireless remote control – 433 Mhz or 2.4GHz
Hands free operating 2 remote control with handover capability | Wireless release hook
Load classes Working Load Limit: 10t (AR10) | 15t (AR15) | 20t (ARM 1500-20) | 50t (ARM 1500-50)
Monitoring Onboard load cell | Internet camera – video and still image
Range Wireless range 100-150m.
Weight 620 kg (AR10) | 850 kg (AR15) | 1,860 kg (ARM 1500-20 including lift frame and hook)

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About Roborigger

Roborigger is a company based in Perth, Australia, that develops wireless load controlling system to accurately rotate and orient crane loads in a specific orientation regardless of wind. No taglines are needed.

+61 8 9488 4500
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