Assistance Systems for Cranes

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Partial automation of crane and lifting operations

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August 4 2023

As cars are provided with ABS brakes, adaptive cruise control, and other assistance systems, we provide equivalent technology to be retrofitted to cranes in the field, or integrated with new cranes. Our assistance systems are; anti-pendulum control, automatic landing, automatic lift-off, automatic hook control, relative heave compensation, and dynamic anti-collision systems.

The Optilift Assistance Systems enables intelligent and non-contact sensor technology to measure and control specific crane operations. This will reduce the difference between crane operators, improve safety, reduce dynamic forces to the crane and cargo, and enable remote-controlled lifting operations in a safe manner. Only the crane is instrumented with an Optilift Sensor Unit and computing device, and the control signals are integrated with the crane PLC together with the crane OEM or partners of Optilift.


Reduced difference between crane operators
Reduced dynamic forces
Avoid damaged crane and cargo
Increase weather window for heavy lifts
Enable remote control of crane- and lifting operations
Avoid crane- and cargo collisions into fixed and dynamic objects and structures
Reduce the risk of injuries for deck personnel
Requires integration with crane PLC


Areas of Application Cranes, Remote Operation, Autonomy.
Capabilities Partly automated lifting operations.
Cargo handling Enabler for remote control of offshore lifting operations.
Usability Reduces the differences between crane operators.
Safety Assistance Systems will increase safety, repeatability and efficacy compared to traditional fully manual crane operations.
Cost The Assistance Systems are also enablers of remote- and autonomous crane- and lifting operations, saving travel- and personnel costs.

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Safer and more efficient cargo handling - reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs and improve safety.

Optilift offers products for digitalized, remote controlled and autonomous cargo handling. With innovative software and unique AI technology, we contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment.

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