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Non contact vibration visualisation tool developed by RDI Technologies

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April 11 2024

Motion Amplification (MA), a unique revolutionary technology in terms of vibration verification, troubleshooting, Research & Development and root cause analysis via its amazing ability to clearly visualise vibration motion.

MA is simple to use, quick and easily helps you identify where the vibration motion is coming from, by visualising a complete system, asset, machine or components motion using the cameras 2.3 million sensors. You can even get accurate frequency, time waveform and amplitude data from anywhere on the MA video using the non-contact software module.

Pros & Limitations
Reduces time solving vibration problems over using Vibration Analysis alone, takes 1 min to collect and process motion video in the field | Often leading to quick root cause analysis
Negates the need for costly and time consuming ODS studies | Cheap, simple and quick to deploy and get valuable results
Visualise vibration issues rather than just looking at graphs, actually see the problem and how the machine is really operating. Great communication tool
Excels on machine base problems and pipework
Non-contact accurate vibration measurements possible from anywhere on the image using its 2.3 million pixel sensors
Needs additional lighting (indoor) for higher frequency problem visualisation
Specification Title Specification Description
Acquisition System
I7 processor,16GB RAM 500GB SSD, dual batteries and MIL-STD-810G.
Areas of Application
Rotating equipment, pipework, vessels and structures.
ATEX certified
Watertight, dustproof and crushproof.
IRIS M 0-650Hz with reduced resolution | IRIS MX 0-700Hz full HD | 10,000 Hz with reduced resolution
6mm, 12mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm.
Motion compensation
Vibration pads: 95% impulse absorption.
Sample rate
IRIS M up to 1300 fps | IRIS MX up to 20,000 fps | 1400 fps full HD
Professional Grade with Pistol Grip.


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Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd is a leading certified supplier and trainer of the IRIS M Motion Amplification system developed by RDI Technologies.

We also provide troubleshoot services with our certified experienced MA engineers.

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