Motion Compensated Gangway Systems

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Ampelmann’s fully motion compensated gangway systems

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August 4 2023

Safe access for personnel is a major challenge in the offshore energy industries. Ampelmann’s Walk to Work (W2W) solutions are fully motion compensated and are tailor-made to make clients’ offshore operations safer and more efficient.

Ampelmann moves people from ships as well as shores to offshore structures. The company’s gangway systems are designed for different wave heights, weather conditions and vessel sizes.


Active motion compensation
Proven track record & reliability
24/7 h service
Fast mobilisation
User comfort
Not fully integrated in vessel's design concept


Areas of Application Oil & Gas, Wind, Decommissioning (incl. Well services) and Crew Change. 
Capabilities Active motion compensation, stepless approach, switch between people & cargo transfer mode in 1 min. 
Cargo handling E1000 system: ability to transfer cargo up to 1000kg | Other cargo handling: trolley
Certifications / licences System: Lloyd's certified | Sea fastening: DNV approved
Implementation time No modifications to landing location needed | "Plug and play" with mobilisation within 24 hours
Motion compensation Six degrees of freedom and fully motion compensated.
Versatility Ability to transfer fluids, people and cargo.
Workability Safe transfers up to 4.5m Hs.
Working at height Flexible landing heights and pedestals available as an add-on.

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Ampelmann is the industry leader in providing global offshore solutions and services for safe personnel and cargo transfers. Over the years, Ampelmann has changed the world of offshore access in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability.

With a track record of > 4 millions of people transfers, > 8 millions kg of cargo transfers, and more than 290 projects, Ampelmann is present in every major oil, gas and offshore wind market, including Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East. 

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