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AI-powered software that creates a single view of all your technical data

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November 16 2023

Are you and your colleagues able to find the information you need when you need it? See the bigger picture and make informed decisions!

Viewport provides technical information to end-users, with focus on reliability, validation and asset integrity. All of this in a standard browser (single point of truth).

Viewport receives master data from multiple sources/systems, combines this info/data and presents it to end-users via one portal. All content of documents and meta data is searchable. Unique to Viewport is the intelligent software creates hyperlinks with key references automatically. Manual cross reference work is eliminated, saving money and improving productivity.


Addresses Process Safety Risks
Reduce costs, ROI within 1 year
Facilitating the Digital Plant implementation
AI software generated cross references automatically
Make better – informed – decisions
Intuitive, easy to use and training tool
Enables the remote (home) worker to be productive
Benefits across the whole organization
A disruptive technology which may threaten jobs related to mundane administrative tasks


Areas of Application Brownfield: Providing digital plant solutions for existing installation | Operations, Maintenance, Control Room: Speed up maintenance work preparation | Asset Integrity: Simplifying master data validation.
Capabilities Search & connect existing data | Consistency check on data from multiple sources | Integration with 2D & 3D models | Real time data integration.
Compatibility API Connectors: Over 30 out-of-the-box integrations with source systems, including major EDMS, DMS and CMMS systems | Browser solution: No end-user software installation required.
Connectivity Supported sources, i.e. Open text, documentum, MS Sharepoint, SAP, OSIsoft, Ultimo, Maximo, PI, JD Edwards, AspenTech and traditional File folder Servers. Including any combination of these.
Implementation time Viewport configuration in days not years.
Input Supports 140+ formats: Office, PDF, Tiff (scanned documents), CAD, point clouds, databases, real time data, etc.
Output Integrated view of controlled data.
Response time Less than 3 seconds.
Usability Any device, e.g. laptop, desktop, mobile telephone, smart tablet, etc.

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Versatec Risk Consultants provide independent technical compliance by delivering consulting services in the fields of Risk Management, Operational Excellence and Innovative Solutions to support clients in efficient operations and preventing incidents. Versatec is an implementation partner for Viewport developed by Radial SG.

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