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In-Service Pipe Lifts

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Ovolifts enables proactive management of corrosion under pipe supports

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:37

Our pipe lifting system enables inspection and corrosion prevention maintenance on multiple pipe touchpoints whilst the lines are in-service and averts costly plant & terminal shutdowns or extended turnarounds. In the past 18 months Ovolifts’ clients have extended the useful life of their critical assets without operational interruptions, resulting in time and costs savings of millions of dollars. Cost-effective interventions such as these will contribute significantly to rebuilding the financial strength of the petrochemical industry in a post Covid-19 environment.

Safe for people:

  • Remote activation.
  • Safe access below, not a suspended load.
  • Spark free.
  • Light-weight and certified equipment.

Safe for equipment:

  • Controlled lifting.
  • Backed by engineering through calculations on pipe stress curves and jack layouts.
  • Backed by safety procedures and reaction planning.
  • Loss of containment planning and identification.

Financial benefits:

  • No shutdown required.
  • Access to multiple touch points.
  • Access to supports.
  • Easy assembly of tools.
  • Can be installed with rope access thus not scaffolding.


Lift multiple lines on a pipe rack and gain access to multiple pipe touchpoints
Engineered lifts within allowable pipe-stress limits
Three models of pipe rack jacks provide a wide range of applicability for various pipe sizes and layouts
Lifting plans, procedures, safety management and trained operators
Lifts are remotely activated allowing personnel to stand-off at a safe distance
Replaces cranes
No clearance required under the pipe support
Multiple lines across multiple supports lifted to a curve in a single lifting operation
Requires other tools to do the inspection


Areas of Application Pipe racks or pipelines in chemical facilities and storage terminals.
Asset life extension Planned maintenance replaces unplanned emergency work.
Certifications / licences Lifting equipment is tested and certified for use. Technicians using equipment receive training before being certified to handle and operate the jacks.
Compatibility Lift from any type of supporting beam such as I-beams, concrete sleepers, circular supports or channel beams etc.
Economic Tools Pipe stress analysis ensures pipe stresses during lifting remain within allowable limits and a lift plan details the lifting procedures.
In-service inspection possible Remote lifting, static structure and pipe stress analysis enables safe use on live equipment.
Patents US and international patent protected.
Pipe diameter Applicable to any pipe diameter.
Safety Remote lifting and static structures.

Relative Business Impact

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About Ovolifts

Ovolifts has a proven global solution for in-service pipe inspections and maintenance programs, deferring asset replacement and costly shutdowns. Our pipe lifting systems were developed in conjunction with the petro-chemical industry and are unique in that they can synchronously lift multiple pipes in live environments. Accompanying the technology is the supporting engineering that goes into each project to ensure safety and productivity, and the support of our lifting specialists with many years’ experience in the industry.

+1 (832) 321 4615
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